Yasmin Aragon
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Jessica Camacho
First Appearance
Everything is Illumenated
Last Appearance
Circle Us
Full Name
Yasmin Aragon

Manner of Death
Killed by Marco Fuentes
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Paloma Aragon (mother)
Professional Status

Yasmin Aragon is a young, Latina woman who frequents Club Mayan and is associated with both Carlos Fuentes and his brother, Marco Fuentes.


Yasmin is a youthful woman with long black hair and tan skin, typically seen wearing attractive club dresses to make her curves and figure stand out more in the crowd. The thing that catches Sergeant Angel Batista's eye is the fact that she wears a Santa Muerte artifact as a necklace.


Yasmin has somewhat of an outgoing personality, wearing attractive dresses to clubs to try and meet men though she does put up a strong attitude after being stood up by a guy. However when it comes to the Fuentes brothers, she has nothing but the strongest of fear about them...reluctantly agreeing to assist Batista in the Santa Muerte investigation. She only does so due to a past charges in drugs, thus suggesting she fell into it by peer pressure rather by than her own choice.

When asked to play as an informant for Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta's team, she expresses a great deal of uncertainty for her safety in this sting operation...which unfortunately for her, was a correct feeling on her part. Especially when she confronts the brothers, she plays "nice" for her own safety and to help the investigation...only to be turned into a victim by an infuriated Marco Fuentes.


At some unknown point Yasmin began hanging out with the Fuentes brothers as well as fearing them. She eventually started clubbing at Club Mayan where they usually hung out. During the time of the Santa Muerta case she was out partying when her santa muerta necklace caught the eye of Angel Batista and tricked her into becoming an informant to take the brothers down. She had a talk with them and convinced them to come to Club Mayan as part of a sting operation. Unknown to them the Fuentes brothers took a secret entrance into the club making the police's work more difficult. Due to some bad judgement calls made by LaGuerta, Yasmin and another patron were killed by Marco. Her body was later picked up by her mother.

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