The Vigilante Couple is a team of vigilante killers. They are responsible for the murders of several serial rapists, though they mainly focused on a specific group of them connected to one of the killer's own rape. The name derives from Detective Debra Morgan's observation that the rapists were disappearing with their cars left on the drive way, without buying any plane ticket or emptying their bank account. Above all that, two footprints were found at Alex Tilden's house (one of the rapists), one of a male and the other of a female, giving the police evidence that a vigilante couple was out there.

Background and Explanation

Dexter and Lumen first came into contact when Dexter killed the first member of the group with Lumen as a witness to the crime. After this Dexter explained that he saved her and she explained that he wasn't the only one who did that to her. Dexter and Lumen later went on their own quests for justice and ended up joining forces after Lumen found one and Dexter ended up killing him and another killer rapist he was already in the process of killing.


  • Dexter Morgan - The first member of the team shown targeting one of the members on his own before getting one of his victims involved in the killings
  • Lumen Pierce - The last member of the team shown who was raped by a group of men and forms a "need" for revenge based on the experience.