Vera Mitchell
Character Profile
First Appearance
If I Had a Hammer (newspaper)
Last Appearance
If I Had a Hammer (photograph)
Full Name
Vera Mitchell

Manner of Death
Accidental death in shower.
16 (1959)

Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Arthur Mitchell (brother; deceased)
Marsha Mitchell (mother; deceased)
Henry Mitchell (father; deceased)
Christine Hill (niece; deceased)
Jonah Mitchell (nephew)
Rebecca Mitchell (niece; deceased)

Vera Mitchell was a character in DEXTER. She was the older sister of Arthur Mitchell. Arthur clearly loved her, as he takes her cremated remains with him everywhere and spreads them at the scenes of his murders, and at the area of his attempted suicide. However, he also feels guilt for her death.

She died after slicing her femoral artery on the shower door, when she was startled after seeing Arthur in the mirror. She died before she could get to the hospital. Her death sent the family into a deep depression, Arthur in particular. Her father became more abusive, and her mother killed herself.

As the Trinity Killer, Arthur based what was believed to be the first kill in his cycle, later discovered to be the second, on her death, by getting into a bathtub with the woman, and then slicing her femoral artery.