Valerie Hodges
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Mary Mara
First Appearance
Slack Tide
Last Appearance
The Getaway
Full Name
Valerie Hodges


Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Confidential Informant

Valerie Hodges is a character in DEXTER. She was a confidential informant (CI) for Det. Harry Morgan and later one of his lovers.


While Harry was working as a police detective he and Valerie met and he recruited her to be a confidential informant for the Miami Metro Police Department. At an unknown point they developed a romantic relationship and started seeing each other. Harry later broke up with her when he met Dexter's mother Laura Moser and began seeing her. Valerie did not take it well and held a grudge against Harry for a lot of years.

Season 4Edit

During Debra 's search for the female CI that her father had an affair with, she placed a call to Valerie Hodges while the latter was working on a cruise ship. She eventually responded and talked to Debra where she revealed that they did sleep together and that she was one of many. She later returns and explains to Deb that she was still holding a grudge against Harry for breaking up with her, for another woman. She couldn't remember her name but offered to show Deb where she lived after she followed Harry one night, which Deb accepted. She led her to Laura Moser's house where Deb recoiled in horror at the memories of being held captive by the Ice Truck Killer. Deb told Valerie the the name 'Brian Moser' and it was at that point that she remembered the other woman's name, "LAURA MOSER." Debra was shocked at the news and began looking into information about Laura, which eventually led to her discovering that her foster brother Dexter Morgan was the Brian's biological brother.

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