The Vacation Shooting is an officer-involved shooting between Angel Batista and Maria LaGuerta and the Vacation Murderers.


Johnny Rose - Was suspected of committing a string of robberies and murders specifically targeting tourists. Shots at both officers when they arrive at Nikki's place and later flees with Nikki in a gray sedan.

Nikki Wald - Officers went to question her in regard to her relationship with Johnny Rose. Later shows up at her apratment next too him when both of them pull out guns and start shooting in order to get away.


Sergeant-Detective Angel Batista - Went together with LaGuerta to interview Nikki Wald when they stumple upon Nikki and Johnny together and end up in a firefight. Batista got off a few shots but none of them hit anyone.

Lieutenant (then) Maria LaGuerta - Went together with Batista to interview Nikki Wald when they stumple upon Nikki and Johnny together and end up in a firefight.

History Leading up to the ShootingEdit

Both Johnny and Nikki are responsible for a series of robberies that later escalated to murders specifically targeting tourists. When Miami Metro Homicide connected Johnny to one of the crime scenes they went to question Nikki as a person of interest at the time. But just as Maria and Angel were leaving they saw Nikki and Johnny together and the Vacation Murderers immediately opened fire. Angel returned fire but no bullets hit any flesh and Nikki and Johnny got away.


No casualties

Fate of Shooter(s)Edit

Both of the two shooters managed to escape in a brown sedan. Johnny was killed later by Nikki after she found out that he slept with multiple women. Nikki was apprehended while high on meth and completely out of her mind.

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