The Vacation Murderers (originally Vacation Robbers) are a boyfriend and girlfriend who are killers. They are responsible for a string of robberies and murders of Miami's tourists. The name derives from their method of selecting victims who were on vacation and had a lot of excess cash to burn. They were originally only robbers until one of their victims surprised them and they had to kill him.

Background and Explanation

Johnny and Nikki first met in high school and began a shoplifting crime spree. They were both eventually caught and Nikki later testified against Johnny for a reduced sentence. At some unknown point in time, Johnny and Nikki rekindled their romance and made a plan to rob people so they could buy a boat and sail off to Bermuda. They started off only robbing their victims but later upgraded to murdering them after an incident with one of their victims.


  • Johnny Rose - The first member of the team to be identified due to his blood showing that he has a street 14-strain of syphillis
  • Nikki Wald - The last member of the team to be identified who betrays her partner after finding out he has syphillis



Season Four