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XD1 July 2, 2013 User blog:XD1
And by that, I mean:
  • I didn't expect Deb to be that far gone so soon she's a jittery, erratic coke fiend.
  • I didn't see Jamie & Quinn hooking up...
  • I didn't expect Dexter to have such a sloppy kill, esp. not so soon. Good thing Deb is STILL covering for him...
  • I DEFINITELY did not see Vogel calling Dex out, having him all figured out, and indeed telling him she helped "create" him. I also didn't see her being "okay" with him - although if she helped "create" him, then clearly she is - or apparently calling in a "favor" kill... wtf??

There were a lot of twists & turns just in the first episode alone, I can't wait for next week! What caught you off guard? Comment below, or write a blog of your own!

What did you think of the season 8 premiere?

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