As everyone knows here, Dexter is an ongoing series that started over 4 years ago and has entered its 5th Season as of last month. Dexter has been appearing on Showtime weekly every Sunday night and can be watched again the following Monday, just in case you missed it. So now to the juicy parts...where are we at currently in the story?


Be forewarned! This Wiki has spoilers galore and this blog will spoil a huge point in the story as well, especially if you haven't watched any of the 5th season.

Overview of Season 5 thus far

Following the season finale the end of last year, Dexter Morgan's wife Rita Morgan was found dead in her bathtub in the same fashion that Trinity's "first" victims were murdered (in reality, they were the second...meant to represent his sister, while the first was a young boy at the age of 10 meant to represent Arthur's innocence). Dexter found his son Harrison sitting in a pool of blood, crying just like he himself had did when his own mother was murdered before his eyes so many years ago...Dexter scoops up the young boy and makes his way out at the finale, with the start of the 5th season picking up directly after this point (maybe 3 to 10 minutes later).

During that time, Dexter had made a phonecall to the police to investigate the area (after giving them a detailed observation of how she was killed) and thus instantly became a suspect, especially when his sister Debra Morgan arrived and asked what happened...his response being that Rita was inside and that "I did it". Of course, he was suffering from how to handle this situation...litterly shut off emotionally after finding her dead. Much of the remainder of this episode involves Dexter searching for something, unable to find it and thus he attempts to leave everything behind him (especially after revealing the news of Rita's death to her children Cody and Astor )...only to end up killing a man he didn't even know ( Rankin ) violently and returning to the funeral, staying in Miami after this point.

Judging on Harrison's age during this episode, it can be thought that this episode was filmed in close conjuction with the series finale but was released seperately, to help the suspsense and better close off the previous season. As of Episode 2 of Season 5, Harrison has at least aged to that over a 1 year old even though he's claimed to be "10 months".

Season 5 thus far has not been about a single serial killer, at least for Dexter (Debra Morgan on the other hand has been dealing with the Santa Muerta murders)...Dexter has been struggling with Rita's death and has been trying to fill that void by returning to his ritual killing, only to be constantly interrupted by one thing or the other. After tracking down a target (Boyd Fowler), Dexter finally executes the kill after being delayed by unforseen problems (Boyd's reaction-speed was far greater than Dexter expected, which resulted in Dexter being shot with a tranquilizer dart directly after injecting Boyd with M99) only to discover one of Boyd's captives watching the scene. Her name is Lumen Pierce (played by famous actress Julia Stiles, best known for her role in the Bourne franchise) and she's become mentally warped by the entire situation...first causing Dexter a lot of grief just to keep hold of her, then acting out on her own...almost killing one man and then shooting another based on her instincts (which were correct, regardless of how Dexter sees it).

Most recently in Episode 6, Dexter tries to return to his ritual killing with serial killer Lance Robinson, only to have himself interrupted by a phonecall by Lumen telling him that she shot one of them. Feeling a desire to go see what she had gotten herself into, Dexter leaves Lance (still knocked out by the M99) in the back of his vehicle as he races to the scene...only to find out that her intended victim Dan Mandell was now on the loose. Dexter and Lumen continue to argue with one another while he constantly searches for him, with Lumen learning more and more about who Dexter truly is along the way. In the meantime Debra is working on her emotions with detective Joey Quinn, who is also operating with Stan Liddy (a dirty narcotics cop) to try and find out info on Dexter Morgan. Everyone at Miami Metro Homicide is dealing with the Santa Muerta case (and its ups and downs)...

Eventually Dexter finds out that Dan is one of the men responsible and kills him, later also killing Lance after he attempts an escape (which almost costs Dexter his freedom) and sets up a crime scene for his escape. Dexter tells Lumen to meet him at Rita's old house and there the two have a long conversation, ending with Dexter agreeing to help find and kill these people that hurt her.

Upcoming Episode

In this week's upcoming episode, Dexter is learning more about the men that raped Lumen and begins his research into each of them. Some of the scenes thus far have shown Lumen attacking someone on the ground, Dexter being put into a chokehold, a dangerous standoff at Club Mayan (where Debra, Joey, Batista and Cira are staking out to catch the Fuentes Brothers, the suspects of the Santa Muerta murders) and Lumen talking about taking action herself on these matters. Pictures leaked on the internet reveal character Jordan Chase as well as Cole arriving within this week or next week's episode, in addition to Quinn's relationship with Debra rising to new heights (enough for him to consider backing off of Dexter).

In other news

I don't know if anyone has talked about this on here but I believe it is important enough to discuss: DEXTER is a show about a serial killer, but a serial killer who kills in the act of justice and is initially a good person. Unfortunately, some have been motivated by the show to act out on their own and say that "Dexter inspired them". I would like to state first and foremost that DEXTER as a series and the character Dexter Morgan as well as the actor who portrays him, Michael C. Hall, are in no way trying to inspire any sort of obscene act as actually trying to kill someone. Unfortunately, much like the Columbine murders being based on two kids playing DOOM, it's a pack of lies sent to the media so that the family doesn't get the rap but instead everything else has to then be censored to avoid "this kind of tragedy" again. These people were already deranged to begin with and for them to even begin to say that they were inspired by Dexter to do these things, is atrocious.

This not only offends me as a human being but as a Dexter fan as well. First and foremost: Dexter kills the guilty. Crimes associated in real life with Dexter have always been on innocents, hell even a 17 year old kid killed his brother because he "felt like Dexter". I can guarantee one thing...if Dexter Morgan was a real live person, both of these people would be on his table much like Ken Olson during Season 2. Of course, there is no evidence to suggest either of these people actually killed in the same method as Dexter...thus suggesting that the only thing that inspired them was the urge to "kill" and heck, even Bugs Bunny can influence that (with the gunshots to people's faces and what not meant as humor). Second, if they really wanted to be like Dexter...then they obviously failed miserabely if they're in jail.

So DEXTER and those who created it can never be held responsible for how people take this brilliant series...those who committed the crime are the ones at fault and are just looking for an excuse, possibly a trick by the lawyers to get more money out of a lawsuit.

I have a right to free speech as much as anyone else and thus me bringing up this subject is entirely rational, as it does have to do with Dexter and it is an important thing to know. Obviously people, you should not go out and kill someone...even if they truly are bad. And if you really idolize Dexter so much, then you need to know the Code of Harry and do not violate it, as your own idol would see you as a potential target if he existed. Live your life based on what you were raised on and with good values...if you want to let Dexter affect your life, make it in a postive light...and never act on dark intentions.

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