For the infoboxes of course. Well I noticed that the ones we currently had were nice...but didn't give enough general information in one simple place. That's how I view an got the summary and detailed info on the left, with the general info on the right. So...I've expanded one of the templates as such (I'll use Arthur Mitchell as an example):

|name =
|image =
|full name =
|nicknames =
|aliases =
|age =
|gender =
|height =
|hair =
|blood type =
|active/inactive reason=
|alive/deceased reason=
|team =
|base of operations=
|occupation =
|marital status =
|relatives =
|standard equipment=
|Killing Equipment=
|novel active/inactive=
|novel active/inactive reason=
|novel alive/deceased=
|novel alive/deceased reason=
|f.season and episode number=
|f.episode name=
|l.season and episode number=
|l.episode name=
|first novel appearance=
|f. chapter and page=
|last novel appearance=
|l. chapter and page=
|media appearances=
|portrayed by =

That is the major character template, which can easily be used by anybody if you enter the above code, including all the information.

In addition to this template, I'll keep the old one for Minor characters (characters whose pages can't really expand that much because they're only in a few episodes or just one).

{{Minor Character
| }}

I'll be making an additional template soon, to cover the middleground (such as Season Only characters and ones that DO NOT have anything to do with the novels, because that's just a waste of space such as Arthur's thing there).

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