It has been awhile since they were updated, so I figured since a few of has have passed the 250 Edits mark that a 500 and 1000 edits mark shall be created ^_^. I'm deciding on the look of the award now, I may change the 250 edit to something else so that Dexter can be the 1000...or I could just alternate Dexter pictures.

I may start changing the names from 25 edits to titles such as Suspect, Murderer, Serial Killer...then start going based on famous killers once you hit 1000...such as The Icetruck Killer, The Skinner, The Trinity Killer and so on. You'll keep each award you earn, so don't worry about them expiring or going away guys.

I'd like to take a vote on this, how we should approach changing edit awards and other awards, introducing possible character awards. Thanks guys! TVthePunisher 00:52, November 5, 2010 (UTC)

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