So I'm running my own little project right now, going back and finding any named characters while cross-referencing info from I've had some luck, finding some cops...getting some alright pictures and creating basic pages. I'll take care of all that...the problem is, some of these characters are very hard to pick out from one another. In fact, a certain character apparently named "Beth" exists in one Season 1 episode and then TWO Season Three episodes. I've never heard of someone so minor just suddenly getting another background role out of nowhere. Well...I can't seem to figure out who this person is, I've scanned through one of the Season 1 episodes and one of the Season 3 episodes...I'm not sure if she's with Miami Homicide, if she's some random on the street or what.

For all I know, someone just decided to add this chick to the IMDB page and named the character "Beth", because no one that looks like her has had any worthwhile screen time in the two episodes I watched. I'm going to check the third one now, but...basically to the "game".

1.) Find a character with a name, see if they have an article on here. If not, see step 2 then step 3. If they do have a page, see step 3.

2.) See if the actor has a picture, if so this will help in pinpointing just who they are. From here skim through the episode(s) that they are said to be in and locate where in the story for that episode they may be.

3.) Attempt to get a good screen cap of the character, if you can't do screen caps however just let me know what episode, what character and where you spotted them...I'll take care of the rest.

Let me know if any of you guys are interested, I'm working on minor characters and a little bit here and there with details.

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