Sooo...problem. We all know that the Dexter Book Series and the Dexter TV series are two completely separate canons. The only things that are similar are characters introduced in Book 1 and Season 1 of both respective series. Everything else changes from then on out...with only similar nods to one another throughout future installments.

Then comes the comics...written by Jeff Lindsay, the author of the books...and they're based on the same universe as the books. So with Issue 1 out and me creating articles, I'm naturally running into whether or not there should be a "Dexter Morgan (Comics)" article when he's the same character that's in the novels.

It made sense to have a separate Dexter Morgan (Novels) character from the TV series one. And all other characters too, because there are a lot of different things between the two that have to be covered more than just a section titled "In the Novels" for his main page. So...he needs a separate article...hell they all do. So that's why we have the "(Novels)" thing. It's not like this is the Harry Potter franchise where the movies were based on the novels and as such, you COULD make character articles there that include information for both versions.

Phew...longwinded. So basically, I want to ask the community (and fellow staff members) what to do here. So far I've been uploading images from the first comic to use on Novels characters like Dexter, Rita and soon some more (Deb and Harry for example). This is great and all but I run into an issue: aside from characters that have appeared throughout the novels before that will appear in future issues of the comics, nobody else is gonna have pictures. Especially characters that die in the novels and possibly have no relevance leading into the comic series.

I personally don't mind...I like now having a face to go with characters other than just imagining Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter all the time while reading. But I'm curious to hear what you guys think. Naturally, any named characters in the comics will get articles and will have images...provided of course, they're shown. Otherwise they'll get the usual "None.png" image. Now, I COULD use that image for all the currently existing Novel characters if you guys would like. That way they'll receive infoboxes.

Hit me up, leave comments here or on my talk page!

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