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    September 28, 2013 by TVthePunisher

    >_> how many of my blogs go unread? Bah, whatever the case I might as well put this out to the community! We have achievements, badges if you will...awarded for various tasks on the Wiki. I'm proud of quite a lot of you for having jumped up and contributed a great deal here...but now I'm curious of something...the images for badges.

    The only badge that's unique is "Your First Bloodslide". I think we need more Dexter themed achievement pictures...if you have any ideas you'd like to spin on this, from using characters to other things related to the show, let me know!

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  • TVthePunisher

    Sooo...problem. We all know that the Dexter Book Series and the Dexter TV series are two completely separate canons. The only things that are similar are characters introduced in Book 1 and Season 1 of both respective series. Everything else changes from then on out...with only similar nods to one another throughout future installments.

    Then comes the comics...written by Jeff Lindsay, the author of the books...and they're based on the same universe as the books. So with Issue 1 out and me creating articles, I'm naturally running into whether or not there should be a "Dexter Morgan (Comics)" article when he's the same character that's in the novels.

    It made sense to have a separate Dexter Morgan (Novels) character from the TV series one. …

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  • TVthePunisher

    Harrison is in danger, Travis looks like he's ready to sacrifice him. Dexter is NOT going to let that happen but...what do you think may happen? I'm hopeful that Dexter stabs Travis and throws him off the roof...but there's always the possibility that Harrison could die. What are your feelings?

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  • TVthePunisher

    Thankfully in the case of the Dexter universe, characters aren't aged based on the role mostly. All of the actors are within the expected ages for the characters and in some cases, when birthdates are shown on screen it typically is the actual actor or actress's birthday they're using.

    So...I'm wanting to move away from this "30's" and so on generalization for characters we don't know birthdays on. Thankfully information such as provided via give us insight onto various character's ages for victims that have crossed Dexter's path...but there are still a lot of other characters that need some sort of age.

    Here's what I propose: If the show does not have any physical evidence to show a character's …

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  • TVthePunisher

    So I'm running my own little project right now, going back and finding any named characters while cross-referencing info from I've had some luck, finding some cops...getting some alright pictures and creating basic pages. I'll take care of all that...the problem is, some of these characters are very hard to pick out from one another. In fact, a certain character apparently named "Beth" exists in one Season 1 episode and then TWO Season Three episodes. I've never heard of someone so minor just suddenly getting another background role out of nowhere. Well...I can't seem to figure out who this person is, I've scanned through one of the Season 1 episodes and one of the Season 3 episodes...I'm not sure if she's with Miami Homicid…

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