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First I want to say that personally, I thought the season premiere was amazing. It really took the show back to its roots via good writing and intense, dramatic scenes. The past couple of seasons, despite being above average, were nowhere close to how the show started out. Last night's episode brought us back to those intensely compelling days of old.

What did you think of the premiere episode?

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I was pleasantly surprised that by episode's end, Dexter admitted to Deb that he's a serial killer. For a while, after the Season Six finale, I was concerned that they were going to drag the issue out across all of Season Seven. Then, after Dexter talked his way out of the murder, claiming self-defense and a brief moment of insanity, I thought for sure they were going to drag the issue out across the season, and the main storyline was going to be Deb investigating Dexter. I should've known based on the episodes title, but then again, Dexter could have answered "No." Alas, Debra now knows her brother is a killer and we can move on to what happens next!

Next Up: Episode 702: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl.

What subject do you hope will be addressed thoroughly in the next episode?

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