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Wow where to begin. This episode was great and it set up a lot of backstabbing stories in the future. We saw two full grown manly men almost break down in tears. We say Dexter stand up for some one he barley knows. We saw the relationship of four people break apart. And we say Quinn hating Dexter, still.

The episode begins with Dexter going through his ritual with Harrison. Every night Dexter gives Harrison a bath and brushes his teeth. Then he dresses him in pajamas and reads his a "monster story". Dexter then tells Harrison stories about his victims. He chose little Chino. When Dexter says Little Chino vanished one day Harrison says Daddy's Box.

Then the episode jumps to Deb and Quinn having a perfectly normal morning. Quinn is cooking up a massive breakfast for Deb, obviously buttering her up. He tricks her into opening the fridge to find an open ring box with an engagement ring shown. Debra at first turns Quinn down, but then changes her mind to a maybe.

The main characters are then shown watching a video on a cell phone of Deb's act towards the shooter. Stating she is an internet sensation and every one thinks of her as a hero.

Note: Her fucking potty mouth fucking returns in this god damn amazing episode.

Then Brother Sam makes his first presence. It is revealed here that Ramirez has a connection to him. Brother Sam owns a mechanic shop good the Good Sheppard because his workers are his flock. This flock consists of ex-cons trying to make it back into society.

Brother Sam apparently robbed many different places and when one person got in his way too far and Sam killed him. Dexter doesn't believe that he could make his dark passenger go away and decides to simply put his cup down on the ground. Get in his really nice vehicle and back up into a garbage container. From there he goes to Brother Sam's mechanic shop to get his vehicle fixed.

This is where Brother Sam reveals to Dexter about his flock. Brother Sam seems to normal thus far.

We see Deb going to Laguerta's old office to find Chief Matthews there waiting for her. He asks her to take Laguerta's old job. She is shocked and doesn't believe it at first, but Matthews assures her that she is ready.

We at some point see Professor Gellar and Travis carrying mannequins into an old church.

Debra then goes to Dexter's who is proud of her promotion, but she talks about how she constantly compares herself to Harry. And now that she has made it further than he did she has no one to compare herself to.

Also we see Travis spending an evening with his older sister. Ditching Gellar.

Dexter then follows Brother Sam to one of his Flock's houses. He hears a gunshot and sees Sam carrying a man and stuffing him into Sam's trunk. Dexter follows Sam to his shop and states that in order to kill Sam, Dexter has to be sure he is still a killer. Dexter tries to look through a window, but Eli comes charging and barking. The dog stops just short of Dexter barking. Brother Sam comes out and wonders what Dexter is doing. Dexter says he forgot his garage door clicker in the car.

Dexter doesn't own a garage.

As he is digging in his car a bright light shines behind brother Sam.

The picture to the right is the exact scene.

Anyways a group of four Hispanic men come out and threaten Sam. One had a bat and Dexter takes the bat and kicks his ass. Everyone shocked the supposed leader of this group pulls out a gun on Sam.

Dexter reveals he is Metro Homicide and they back off.

After that Travis returns to Gellar who is heating up a pole. Gellar asks where Travis was last night and he states his sister's. Gellar gets up with the rod reaches out to Travis' head, but slams the red hot bar against his own wrist. Travis swears he won't ever see her again and will be loyal to Gellar if he removes the Iron rod from Gellar's wrist. Gellar removes the rod.

The scene then goes to Deb entering her and Quinn's kitchen with Chinese food and tea candles lit in a heart shape. She freaks out saying she doesn't want more and they break up. Quinn almost crying storms out telling Deb to not be there when he returns.

Deb the next day takes Angel to buy coffee where he tells her she is getting the promotion. He says it is great, but when they hug he is almost crying. Then Maria follows Angel out screaming at him because she is sorry that Matthews chose Deb. He yells at her and asks her why does he always seem to pay all the time because Matthews hates Maria.

We then see everyone in the briefing room waiting to see what is up. Matthews, Maria, and Deb all walk in as reporters take pictures. Maria then announces (not willingly) that Deb is getting the promotion.

Quinn is super pissed by the way.

Angel almost cries again.

There is a short scene where Dexter kills Julio, the leader of the hispanic group, in an abandoned dentist room.

The episode ends with Travis' ankle apparently twisted on a jogging path. A man stops and asks if he needs help. Travis grabs a rock and as the hits the man over the head the episode ends.

-End of Summary-

Wow. We should really see a lot of back stabbing going on between Quinn, Debra, Maria, Angel, and Matthews. This is going to be a crazy season. I think a lot of relationships are going to be frayed. What do you guys think?

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