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    Love memes? Who could get enough of impact font? Showtime will be releasing funny memes based on Season Seven of Dexter. Dexter also isn't the only Showtime show that will be getting memes--can you imagine what some of the others would look like?

    For now, the Dexter memes show Dexter Morgan with a blood-spattered face, on a red background. I have to say, I chuckled out loud at a few of these.

    The memes also build up to Comic-Con, where a sneak peak of Season Seven of Dexter will make an appearance (Um...awesome? Can we say "major cliffhanger"?) Dexter will be at Comic-Con on Thursday, July 12 at 6 pm.

    Check out the memes below!

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

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    We all know that the last season finale of Dexter ended with a major cliffhanger in several ways--will Dexter finally get caught, and on a stranger level, is he going to get together with Debra Morgan? Or is that just too weird?

    Well, it seems that Yvonne Strahovski, gorgeous star of Chuck, will be joining the Dexter cast for a multiepisode arc. She will play Hannah McKay, a strong and independent woman who is helping Miami Metro investigate old cases that have been reopneed. Meanwhile, Dexter Morgan thinks there might be more to her than she shows.

    In other casting news, Katia Winter will play a Russian stripper who works at a Miami club, Jason Gedrick will play the manager of the club, and Ray Stevenson will play the head of a Russian orga…

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    Season 6 of Dexter left us at the ultimate cliffhanger: Dexter Morgan is getting ready to kill Travis Marshall, when--whoops!--Deb is standing right there, and she's on her way to tell him she loves him...not like a brother.

    Now, this is just one big moment of OMG, and we weren't even given a conclusion! But finally, the time has come for Season 7. Unfortunately, this trailer doesnt answer any of our questions, but it definitely gets me more excited about the next season!

    So, what do you think will happen in Season 7? Will Deb and Dexter be a couple, or is that just too weird? Comment below and let us know!


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