Well, I finally did it, you guys. Three Hundred and Sixty Five days of editing on this wiki. It appears that after that, there is no additional badge, such as for "two years" or the like, thankfully. There were some close calls, especially back in February when I kept disconnecting frequently, but I finally did it.

A long time ago, perhaps around day 150, I was thinking of "retiring" after getting this badge. Needless to say, I'm no longer considering that in any form. However, after Sunday goes by, I'll probably be taking a break for a couple of days. I've enjoyed editing this wiki, but it'll be nice to not "have" to get on every day and look for an edit. As for this wiki, I think I'll be staying with it until the very end of the TV show, and for quite awhile after. Hell, I might stay with it until it's possible to get the kill list 100% complete.

Now, If anyone does need my help, just leave a message on my message wall, and I'll receive an E-mail and hop on as soon as I can. Like I said, I'll be staying until the very end - There are still people to add to that body count of Dexter's.

Before I end this blog post, I'd like to thank a few people. User:TVthePunisher, the main admin of this website, who created a majority of these pages I edited. User:Hito7187199 for inspiring numerous edit ideas, so I always had an idea of what to edit. And finally, User:Ltearth, who caused my first burst of edits on this website. I'd also like to thank all my fellow admins for not banning me for being an "edit whore", haha. Thanks guys.

To anyone else who wants to try for the badge, good luck to you.

-Le Rusecue, AKA Jack

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