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    If you just can't get your fill of Dexter, buy yourself a piece of "Miami Slice," a Dexter-flavored ice cream by Ben and Jerry's.

    Inspired by Dexter Morgan's bloodthirsty ways, Ben and Jerry Jon Defreest created this flavor as an homage just in time for Season 6. Hint, hint, Ben and Jerry's!

    The flavor is "Key Lime Pie Ice Cream with a Blood Strawberry Swirl & White & Dark Chocolate Body Parts."

    Yum! Although hypothetical, we totally think Ben and Jerry's should whip this flavor up! Would you try it? It's a perfect treat for a Dexter-themed party!

    NY Mag

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  • Kate.moon

    So far we know that Travis and "master" Professor Gellar are the Big Bads of Season 6, but it's time to add a girl to the mix!

    Jordana Spiro, the lead actress of My Boys, has been cast as an "acolyte" of Professor Gellar AND Travis! So perhaps Spiro is a killer-in-training? Although the sweet Spiro doesn't look like she's capable of harming a fly, that could certainly be her secret!

    We can't wait to see what this season of Dexter will bring!

    TV Fanatic

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  • Kate.moon

    Feast your eyes on this creepy poster! There's been some wild rumors circulating about Christian motifs in Dexter Season Six as our favorite serial killer returns.

    Although producer Nevins joked that Jesus will not be a character on Dexter this season, the awesome art certainly plays with the theme of Dexter's "Dark Passenger" as an avenging angel.

    The question raised this season will be: “What does it mean to raise a child given the Dark Passenger I’m carrying around with me?”

    This revelation along with a slew of big names as guest stars promises the biggest season of Dexter yet...and with even edgier, "Da Vinci Code-esq" storylines! We can't wait to see what Dexter will do next!

    TV Line

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  • Kate.moon

    Colin Hanks is coming to Dexter! According to TV Line, Colin Hanks will be joining Dexter during a significant Season 6 arc. Could Hanks be the next villain/arch-nemesis to Dexter's anti-hero? For now, the producers are keeping mum about the details.

    Here's what we do know so far: unlike the infamous Ice Truck Killer or Trinity whose roles are definitively villainous, this season's baddie will likely be more nuanced and plot-driven: “It is not [about] one big bad,” he told us. “There’s one interesting story that will move through the season, and it will be cast very interestingly, but it’s not exactly that one person."

    What do you think? What kind of character will Hanks portray?

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