• KainDarknight

    There's some major differences between the T.V. series and the books by Jeff Lindsay.

    The first book called "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" is what the intro says that the series is based off of. That book losely follows the first season. After that hardly anything is the same.

    Things that are the same:

    Dexter gets Rita pregnant and marries her ( in the books he marries her then gets her pregnant, in the series it's reversed). Vince is Dexter's best man in the book and in the T.V. series( at least he starts off that way). Dexter kills an innocent person. Deb is transfered out of Vice into Homicide. Deb is seriously wounded ( book by a knife and season 4 by gunshot both wounds in the same area of her body). Dexter in good with children. Dexter puts a…

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