That fucking bitch is the worst human being on the face of the Earth and doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets ahead in life.

  • Her most noticable evil act is trying to sabatoge Debra at every turn. But no matter what shit she makes Debra eat, Debra manages to piss gold out of that shit everytime. I hope this will happen in Season Seven with the change in command.
  • Her evilness can be noticed in Seasons One, Two, Five, and Six.
  • One of the most evil acts she has ever committed is to sleep with her superior's fiance, make her look irrational and use that pain to steal her old job back.
  • Another evil (although understandable) act is when she goes behind Batista's back to "fix" his situation with Sheriff Lopez by entraping a dirty cop (although we are lead to believe she is having an affair).
    • Although this was nice she only did it for herself to save her career, she all but admitted it.
  • I hope that in future seasons she will be thrown off the force and sadistically tortured by the latest main antagonist until she begs for mercy and finally killed while the killer watches her die a slow and painful death.

Thoughts anyone?

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