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TVthePunisher or as he's called otherwise, TV, is an administrator on this Wiki as well as one on the Syphon Filter Wiki. As of late January 2014, TVthePunisher has made almost 6,000 edits and created over 500 pages.

I'm an actively positive person, but there's more to it than that. I'll just let you find out...I am willing to help anyone out who needs it and encourage contributions. Currently I have several allies assisting in making this Wikia a better place; they have done a spectacular job...I just hope nobody becomes my Miguel Prado=X.

Currently, I'm on Hiatus from Dexter. The finale left a sour taste in my mouth and I'd hate to say it killed the series for me...but I just don't have much desire to do all the busy work .__.; there are many great editors out there, myself and the other administrators laid the groundwork for new editors to come in and further build the Wiki. If you ever need to contact me, just leave a message on my wall (I check every now and then). Or talk to Jack (Le Rusecue), he can get in touch with me.


Cheers to the Community! Featured User - December 2011

TV's InterestsEdit

I friggin love the series but...I'm a gamer man, straight up OG (Original Gamer)! I'ma provide in this section a little bit about my gaming interests:

Video GamesEdit

The Legend of Zelda SeriesEdit


I have and always will be a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda series. I may have started somewhat late (it's early now compared to kids these days) with Ocarina of Time back on the Nintendo 64 but I've gone back and played them's a series that I have to play through all the games for. My absolute favorite. From the first moment I stepped into the shoes of Link (who honestly, based on artwork I thought was a chick ;>_> now I know better) and fought off Ganondorf, saved the Princess...I've just had to get into them each and every single time. I really want to play Skyward Sword eventually =/ have to wait til I can get a Wii.

Resident Evil SeriesEdit


I got into the Resident Evil Series with the Nintendo Gamecube remake (often dubbed REmake) of Resident Evil, the first game in the series. I remember seeing the game via Extended Play on Tech TV when it was still available and it just...pulled me in. Sure some people can't get by the "tank controls" from the original series but Resident Evil...I can't turn a game down. I've played all of them since REmake, event he least popular (Resident Evil Survivor and Gaiden)...and anxiously await Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City despite the way "die hard fans" treat it.

Dead Rising SeriesEdit


Frank West from the Dead Rising series

I've got to admit, it was Dead Rising that made me buy an Xbox 360 in the first place. My previous experience with the Resident Evil Series and just the fact that you could free-roam, sandbox style kill was too appealing for me to pass up. I even bought the game months before I had a 360, just that anxious to play it! Ever since then I've completed all the Dead Risings (yes, even the original with that 7 Day Survivor achievement) but I still have to get Dead Rising 2: Off the Record to finish that one off as well.

Assassin's Creed SeriesEdit


Altair and Ezio

Ah the Assassin's Creed series, I got into this on time I'd say with the first game back in like...2008 or something. The moment I first saw the trailers for it, I was hooked on the idea of scaling buildings while stealthily tracking targets...I've always been a huge stealth fan and to get this opportunity, truly amazing. I've enjoyed each of the games and can't wait to play Assassin's Creed Revelations when I eventually get it...oh btw, I've completed (gamerscore wise) all of the previous three (Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood). I also have to say the story in these games is TOP NOTCH!

Spyro the Dragon SeriesEdit


Spyro the Dragon was one of the first two trilogies I played on my original Playstation, the one I won from a bowling tournament in my youth. The thing only came with a demo disc, but it featured Spyro the Dragon and Syphon Filter, the two greatest trilogies on the Playstation. I loved the Spyro series because of the collection, the adventure, the worlds...ya know having found all of the treasure and dragons or orbs...dragon eggs, it was just friggin cool! That feeling of accomplishment carried over into the Xbox 360 with Achievements...I have to try and complete every game I play, if possible. However, Space Station Silicon Valley is an early example that absolutely completing every an impossibility because of glitches (glitchy achievements these days) or server closures (EA). I didn't care much for the more recent Spyro titles...but I never did play Enter the Dragonfly.

Syphon Filter SeriesEdit


Syphon Filter was that other game I played on the demo disc, the very first shooter I ever played. I don't even think I had tried DOOM at this point but...the game used to be really hard for me! I loved the trilogy, it was not only the game that introduced me to shooter style games but also stealth! Yeah, Syphon Filter showed me Stealth...I never did play the original MGS =X which is bad...I actually OWN the first disc of the game hah hah. I might give it a chance here soon...

Metal Gear Solid SeriesEdit


Like I said, I never played the original...I did however play The Twin Snakes (the remade version of the original on Gamecube). I then moved on to play MGS2 and MGS3...and honestly, this series is absolutely amazing. From the stealth to the detailed storyline, I love the games. Oh and the comedy, hah hah...the comedy is always top notch. I really, really want the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection eventually as well. Never did get to play Peace I could get achievements on these awesome titles!

Silent Hill SeriesEdit

Silent hill hd collection

I first picked up the original Silent Hill sometime in 2003, I didn't know what to expect. Ya know I had played through the Resident Evil Series but I guess I heard a few people talk about Silent I eventually checked it out. This series is perhaps the most atmospheric, horrific, terrifying of any I've ever played. The original one scared that crap out of me and the others...oh my god, they're just insane. Truly the survival horror dominants, where the zombies run can count on Silent Hill to creep you out.

There are many other game series I haven't mentioned, but I'll get around to them eventually.

History on SiteEdit

I've created close to 300 pages on this Wiki now, mostly character articles. Here are just a few of them:

SERIOUSLY, there are many many many more hah hah. I think I've covered just about every background character, minor, major...there's a few that are missing. Okay quite a few, but I will get them all!

Ongoing list (I need to check back some)

Pages I've made edits to:

Okay I slashed out this section, I've made edits to practically every page on this Wiki.

Other InfoEdit

If you need help with anything, feel free to leave a message on my talk page and I'll see what I can do.


This section is meant to update just general information on myself.

As of the moment, I've been absent for a little while here on the site. This was due to a hectic work schedule that exhausted me and kind of stripped my time away...add on the fact that I finally got an Xbox 360 again and I used some of my time off with that. I'll be making frequent updates here within the week.

With the help from an administrator from the True Blood wikia, the site is looking better and I'm currently working on editing the Seasons as well as other info on the site.



Another update...we've got two administrators on board, Ltearth and Le Rusecue whom have been a great asset to the site's expansion. With their help, along with several active users, we're bigger than ever! Site looks great, formatted much better than when I arrived here (place was dead-dead-dead...and yeck). Hopefully neither will turn into my own Miguel Prado.

Update after a long time. So here we are, the series is over (at least the TV series) but there's still so much to do! I've been going through the first season, spotting any named characters and creating articles for them where possible. Here's to hoping a spin-off gives us even more content to add! Yeah, we'll cover the spin-off here...there can be a separate Wiki for it I "GUESS" but the problem with that is if the spin-off only lasts a season or 2, there's not a lot of content you could put on that. So might as well cover it here like we do the book series and comics! TVthePunisher (talk) 22:18, October 7, 2013 (UTC)

Another long-time update...I haven't been around the Wiki. Scott came in, ugly face so killed him. 4// Itchy. Tasty.  ;) nah just kidding...but yeah, I've been gaming/watching other series (such as the amazing Breaking Bad) and I spent a great deal of time at this Wiki here in particular. When I'm finally in the Dexter mood again (maybe a new series will help that), I'll come back to my old ways...for now...I leave it to you good people =D TVthePunisher (talk) 22:07, March 6, 2014 (UTC)


These things are otherwise discontinued with the introduction of Achievement Badges, but hey...I'll keep em.



A Special Page: The MosquitoEdit

Mosquito Jim

El Diablo

Cursed to Resurrect
Constantly killed by Dexter Morgan
6 years old

Male (I like to think so)


Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Blood Sucking Analyst
Serial biter
Punching Bag
TV Appearances
First Appearance

Portrayed By
Val Kilmer

The Mosquito (also known as Mosquito Jim) is an unofficial character in DEXTER. Iconic as can be, it's in just about every single episode. It is also Dexter's only victim that he has killed over 70 times. It only interacts with Dexter Morgan, though I'm sure it wouldn't mind biting some of the female cast members. ...Or getting a bite of Dexter's delicious breakfast.

It is believed to have been cursed long ago by an ancient tribe to constantly resurrect itself each morning. Arthur Mitchell has possibly killed a similar Mosquito in his 30 years as Trinity, however it is uncertain if it is the same Mosquito Jim that bites Dexter.


The Mosquito is about an inch wide and in length, with a uniquely colored red abdonmen and long bloodsucking needle used to try and siphon Dexter's blood. It has a set of wings on it's back and about 6 limbs, just like the typical insect.


It desires blood, it needs takes blood from one of the most dangerous humans in society: Dexter Morgan. It's personality can first be seen in Season 4 Episode 401 during a comical redux of the opening, where Dexter actually misses killing the bug and thus it escapes into the wilderness..of Dexter's bedroom. It's symbolic in the sense that Dexter allows Trinity to live much longer than he's intended to, something that perhaps could have been avoided if Dexter was determined enough to hunt down Jim.


The Mosquito is the most killed character on the show, next to of course Dexter's breakfast. Luckily it receives less of a violent death, Dexter virtually rips it apart with multiple tools and devours the breakfast...sickening stuff.

Season OneEdit

The character is first introduced trying to get some blood out of Dexter's arm, just on the other side of his elbow. Unfortunately for it, Dexter spots the insect and quickly swats it, turning it into a puddle of blood.

Season TwoEdit

The character returns once more in an attempt at gaining more blood, after falling for 11 episodes before. Unfortunately for it, yet again Dexter foils its plans and kills it 11 more times after this.

Season ThreeEdit

The Mosquito never quits, as Dexter's blood obviously must be worth it to try this much and only get swatted every single time. Of course, he does not succeed...and fails 11 more times.

Season FourEdit

Failed attempt after failed attempt has apparently caused the Mosquito to learn from its mistakes, as the start of Season 4 shows the mosquito sitting there on his arm ready to suck his blood dry and just before Dexter can swat it, the insect moves away and quickly escapes death for the first time in his character appearance. If there is a story canon (that the opening itself does not count), then that would mean the Mosquito actually is a living character in the show (as this segment takes place IN the show). Well despite this escape, later episodes depict the mosquito falling more and more.

Season FiveEdit

No such luck this season, as the Mosquito continues to fall time after time by Dexter's hand. Poor creature...

Season SixEdit

Continued resurrection has forced the Mosquito into new tactics, attempting to foil Dexter at an earlier time it forced the credits to play before the recap of the previous episodes, an unusual feature in this season! ....unfortunately, it was still unsuccessful and has met with more deaths.

Season SevenEdit

Despite the circumstances Dexter is left with, he still returns home before the start of every episode to exterminate the Mosquito as part of his morning routine. Alas, the Mosquito's curse lives on...

Season EightEdit

After numerous deaths the past 8 years, his curse is finally broken when Dexter leaves Miami for good. Free to be his own being, he seeks out Wallace and his accomplice "Jim", to which the Mosquito's own nickname is based off of. The trio manages to discard of everyone left in Miami, creating a mass murder spree that leaves no one alive. They say Mosquito Jim is still sucking the blood from their corpses to this day...


The Mosquito has died a total of 70 times (with an extra appearance in Season 4 making up for the lack of one in Season 1)...and here are the statistics for each season (including the one survival).

  • Season 1 has a total of 11 appearances, with only the first episode lacking the intro sequence.
  • Season 2 has 12 appearances, thus covering the entire season.
  • Season 3 has 12 appearances, thus covering the entire season.
  • Season 4 has a record 13 appearances, as the Mosquito appears in a different version later in episode 1 having escaped death from Dexter's apparent swat...which surprises him because normally this is his easiest kill for the morning. Unfortunately for Dex, the rest of his day is pretty much terrible afterwards.
  • Season 5 has 12 appearances, thus covering the entire season.
  • Season 6 has 10 appearances thus far, with two more welcomed.

An interesting note is that the Mosquito's blood is the only other actual sight of blood in the opening aside from Dexter's when he cuts himself shaving. Everything else is just food mixed with sauce to resemble blood (and bloodsplatter evidently).

  • Apparently the administrator named "TVthePunisher" created this as a joke and it received notable criticism as not having its own page. Odd stuff. Now it's settling on a userpage, showing the lighter side of his personality.

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