The Twenty-Ninth Street Kings is a criminal organization in DEXTER that appears in Season Two as the Secondary Antagonist group. It is only shown or mentioned with Little Chino, a prominent member of the gang.

Background and Organization

Little Chino quickly ran up a body count performing hits for the Kings and ordering several more.


Murder - The leader of the gang, Little Chino, is personally responsible for nine murders and two others on his orders.

Murder - Little Chino kills Rafael Arenas for wanting to leave the Kings and later orders the murder of his mother Eva Arenas for willingly testifying against Little Chino.

Drug Trafficking - The Kings buy and sell drugs out of an auto body shop until it is raided by Miami Metro.

Money Laundering - The Kings launder their drug money through an auto body shop until it is raided by Miami Metro.

Attempted Murder - When Joey Munez gave up the location of all the Kings drugs that lead to the arrest of nearly all the members, Little Chino tried to exact revenge on the boy but failed because of the timely intervention of Dexter Morgan.

Known Members

The organization is one of minor organized groups within the DEXTER Universe and as such, do not have many confrontations with Miami Metro Police Department.

Top Officials

Little Chino - The leader of the organization and one of its top enforcers.

Unnamed Members - Prominent Members busted when given up by Joey Munez to Debra Morgan .


Rafael Arenas - Unknown job, he tried to move and was killed by Little Chino

Unnamed Assassins - Sent by Little Chino to kill Dexter, but they failed to kill him.

Affiliated People

Eva Arenas - Purchased drugs from the Gang. She agreed to prosecute Little Chino then was killed.

Joey Munez - Unknown Affiliation. He got most members of the gang arrested by giving up their hide-out and was targeted by Little Chino, but saved by Dexter.


Season Two

Overtime one of the members, Rafael Arenas wanted to leave the gang and tried hiding at his mother's house. Little Chino came and forced him into his car where Little Chino drove to secluded part of Miami and butchered him to death with a machete. Miami Metro eventually found the body and started investigating until the victim's mother, Eva Arenas, and sister, Marissa Arenas, arrived at the crime scene grief-stricken. Eva later gave them Chino's name and even agreed to testify against him. They later brought in Little Chino to try and get a confession based on the mother's testimony, but Chino revealed that she had a drug history and the police realized they couldn't put him away for with just her and had to let him go. Little Chino later was getting a tattoo added for his latest victim and was attacked by Dexter Morgan and was brought to a room where he was prepared to kill Chino. Chino was however, able to escape his bindings and eventually returned to his gang.

After that he set himself up with an airtight alibi as a he ordered the murder of Eva Arenas. Police tried to tie him to her murder but once they saw the tape of Little Chino at the time of death they realized he was innocent of the act but suspected him of ordering the hit. But this didn't stop Miami Metro from investigating and Detective Debra Morgan eventually "convinced" a witness named Joey Munez to come forward about the Kings' operations. After the tip all the Kings were arrested on numerous charges save Little Chino who went out seeking revenge on the kid who ratted his whole gang out. But little did he know that Dexter was right on his tail and this time succeeded in binding and killing him.