The Trinity Killer

The Trinity Case is a police investigation into a cycle of killings of a ten-year-old boy encased in cement, a young single woman killed in her own bathtub, a mother of two forced to jump from a tall building, and a forty-year-old father of two beaten to death. The case in itself is the sixth major case in the series. The major case preceding this one is the Lundy Shooting and the next major case after this is the Santa Muerte Case.

History of Killer

When Arthur Mitchell was ten years old, he accidentally startled his sister, Vera Mitchell, as she took a shower, causing her to fall, slice her femoral artery, and bleed to death. After this event, Marsha, his mother, fell into a deep depression and his father, Henry, began to drink heavily and exhibit abusive behavior. Arthur's mother eventually committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. After she died, Henry became even more abusive towards his son, blaming him for his sister and mother's deaths. One night, Henry was beaten to death outside a bar, and Dexter suspected that Arthur was the one who had killed him.


Trinity returns to his original murder sites and completes another kill cycle. He slices the femoral artery of a young woman in the bathtub, after which he takes a scalding hot shower. For his next murder, he forces a mother of two to fall to her death. He then provokes a drunken man into beating him up, after which he bludgeons another man to death. After each kill, Trinity places a smudge of his dead sister's ashes near the victim. Later, a fourth victim is discovered -- a ten-year-old boy buried in cement prior to the other three victims .Although he is now retired from the FBI, Frank Lundy returns to Miami to hunt down Trinity.

Victim Count

At least 126, although not all were known to police.


  • Eddie Noonan - Thirty years ago he was the primary suspect in the murder of his wife Vicky, although he plead his innocence he was convicted of the murder and sent to prison. When Lisa Bell turns up dead in his old house exactly the same way his wife was found, police interrogate him about the murder. Later Eddie was exonerated for both murders when it was revealed that Arthur Mitchell killed his wife.
  • Stanley "Stan" Beaudry - He was one of Lundy's primary suspects in the murders. He was suspected based on his criminal record showing that he was arrested for murdering a prostitute but was let go due to contaminated chain of custody on the murder weapon. Homicide later suspected him when Dexter planted evidence to lead them to that conclusion. Later, he was cleared of suspicion when he had alibis for some of the murders.
  • Arthur Mitchell - He showed up on Homicide's radar when they learned that Trinity killed a little boy in addition to the other three victims in each cycle. This led to the discovery of burial sites around the country connected to Arthur's construction sites. He was confirmed as the Trinity Killer when his history of family deaths was revealed.

Unsuspected Killers

  • Jonah Mitchell - The son of the real Trinity Killer, he lost his temper and killed his mother and then set it up to look like his father was the murderer.

Detectives on Case

  • Detective Debra Morgan - Trinity was one of her top priority cases

Other operatives involved in the case:

Kill Schedule

Debra Morgan began to discern a pattern when she noticed that the murders were being committed in certain months. At this point, she had counted about 75 killings that included females found in bathtubs with sliced femoral arteries, women who fell to their deaths, and bludgeoned men. She later realized that Trinity's kill schedule matched school breaks ("Hungry Man").

  • 15 murders in December
  • 40 murders in July & August
  • 20 (or so) in the Spring

Main Investigation Victims

  • Unknown Mother of two - 4/16/1979 (Miami, FL)
  • Unknown Father of two - 4/21/1979 (Miami, FL)
  • Scott Smith - 2009 - Buried alive, but rescued by Dexter (Miami, FL)

Minor Cycle Victims

(Minus the Cement Victims)

  • Unknown city
    • J. Lewitt - 3/12/1993
    • D. Webster - 3/17/1993
    • S. Hunter - 3/22/1993
  • Unknown city
    • I. Rosengard - 9/5/1994
    • E. Hemming - 9/10/1994
    • J. Roberson - 9/15/1994
  • Unknown city
    • A. Darakjan - 2/26/1995
    • N. Reiss - 3/3/1995
    • D. Freiburn - 3/8/1995
  • Louisville, Kentucky
    • Loretta Kellerman - 2/12/1997
    • Unknown mother of two - 1997
    • Unknown father of two - 1997
  • Unknown city
    • M. Bogert - 9/16/1997
    • J. Snisse - 9/21/1997
    • E. Newman - 9/26/1997
  • Unknown city
    • L. Candace - 8/23/1998
    • R. Elliot - 8/28/1998
    • R. Dermott - 9/2/1998
  • Unknown city
    • J. Spaan - 3/9/1999
    • R. Golden - 3/14/1999
    • B. Ball - 3/19/1999
  • Unknown city
    • H. Grodman - 10/7/1999
    • C. Endless - 10/14/1999
    • F. Calvert - 10/19/1999
  • Detroit, Michigan
    • Anita Soloman - 3/03/2000
    • Unknown mother of two -
    • Unknown father of two -
  • Unknown city
    • L. Fisher - 5/11/2001
    • P. Ford - 5/16/2001
    • A. Severse - 5/21/2001
  • Unknown city
    • R. Goldman - 10/24/2002
    • J. Lewis - 10/29/2002
    • C. Moreno - 11/3/2002
  • Unknown city
    • K. Watkins - 4/15/2003
    • A. Asarcca - 4/20/2003
    • J. Jones - 4/25/2003
  • Unknown city
    • A. Goff - 5/11/2005
    • L. Pickford - 5/16/2005
    • A. Roman - 5/21/2005
  • Denver, Colorado
    • J. Meltzer - 9/18/2006
    • J. Antonoff - 9/23/2006
    • J. Ellis - 9/28/2006
  • Unknown city
    • R. Cornelius - 7/20/2007
    • R. Hermosillo - 7/25/2007
    • B. Polaski - 7/30/2007
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
    • Tamera Klaman - 8/16/2007
    • Unknown mother of two -
    • Unknown father of two -
  • Unknown city
    • L. Spheeris - 7/20/2008
    • J. Leiberman - 7/25/2008
    • R. Bear - 7/30/2008
  • Omaha, Nebraska
    • Julie Hillard - 9/20/2008
    • Unknown mother of two -
    • Unknown father of two -

Named Cement Victims

Kills Outside Cycle

  • Henry Mitchell - Arthur's father. Although it is never confirmed that Arthur killed him it is likely, as Arthur shouts verbal abuse to his later victims of bludgeoning. It is possible that Henry was Arthur's first kill.
  • Kyle Butler - A victim that Arthur bludgeoned while he was trying to find Dexter. It was done after he had failed at starting a new cycle. This man doesn't fit into Trinity's cycle because Arthur just wanted to kill him to silence him. Soon after, Arthur tracked down another Kyle Butler, but did not this one.
  • Rita Morgan - A bathtub victim. She is considered outside of his cycle for two reasons: He had yet to succeed in burying a young boy in cement, and, as a mother, she didn't fit the normal characteristics of his bathtub victims.

Indirect Deaths

  • Vera Mitchell - She accidentally died when she was surprised by Arthur in the shower. She fell, broke the shower door, cut her femoral artery on her thigh and bled out.
  • Frank Lundy - He was shot by Christine Hill, who tried to save her father from being caught.
  • Stan Beaudry - He was killed by Dexter because he needed someone to frame of Trinity murders.
  • Becca Mitchell - She committed suicide in a fashion similar to the bathtub victims.
  • Sally Mitchell - She was bludgeoned by Jonah Mitchell because of her growing obsession with Arthur which was, in fact, the reason for Becca's suicide.

Attempted Victims

Alleged Victims

  • Frank Lundy - He was believed for some time to be a victim of Trinity, until it was confirmed that the person who shot Lundy and Debra Morgan was shorter than Trinity.
  • Rebecca Mitchell - She actually committed suicide in a bathtub, although Debra thought that Trinity was the one to blame.
  • Sally Mitchell - She was killed by Jonah Mitchell, but Debra believed her to be a victim of Trinity.
  • Stan Beaudry - It was never shown, but it's possible that the planted evidence in the apartment of Stan was eventually traced back and Arthur was connected to his disappearance.

Closure of Case

Miami Metro Homicide turned the case over to the FBI.

Fate of Killer

Arthur Mitchell is assumed to be alive and in hiding ever since the police identified him as Trinity. Only Debra Morgan and Jonah Mitchell learned that Dexter had killed Arthur.

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