Tony Tucci
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Brad William Henke
First Appearance
Popping Cherry
Last Appearance
Circle of Friends
Full Name
Tony Tucci


Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Mrs. Tucci (mother)
Professional Status
Security Guard

Tony Tucci is a character in DEXTER. He was labeled as a suspect in the Ice Truck Killer Investigation, only to later be revealed as one of his victims. 


Tony Tucci is a somewhat heavyset man in his thirties to forties with black hair and brown eyes. 


Tucci has a relatively optimistic attitude considering his status as a double amputee thanks to ITK, and his attitude borders on comedic at times. He is also fairly flirtatious with women, as shown when he competes with Rudy Cooper for the affection of Debra Morgan, a competition in which Rudy eventually wins out. One of his biggest worries following the incident is how it will affect his status with women. However, Debra manages to get Tucci a night with Shanda, a prostitute that Debra had befriended while undercover. After Tucci gets his new prosthetic leg and arm (courtesy of Rudy), he and Shanda seem to develop a relationship. 

Early Life

He never passed high school chemistry and had a criminal record, as he pulled a knife out during a party in 1997.


Season One

2013-08-23 2154

Tony Tuuci's severed hand - fingerprint analysis exonerates him as the killer.

Tony Tucci was a night watchman at the Miami Blades Ice Hockey Stadium, where the body parts Sheri Taylor, one of The Ice Truck Killer's victims were found. Security camer footage from the ice rink showed Tucci arranging the body parts on the ice and he is later found to be missing. Maria LaGuerta outed him as the killer and put
2013-08-23 2159

Severed foot.

out a warrant for his arrest, launching a high profile manhunt for Tucci. LaGuerta's suspicions were later disproven when Tucci's severed left arm and right leg were planted by the real ITK, who, unbeknownst to Miami Metro Homicide, was leaving them as clues for Dexter Morgan.

2013-08-23 2201

Severed leg

Dexter ends up being led by the trail of bodyparts to the basement of an abandoned hospital where Dexter's foster father, Harry Morgan, had been treated (as indicated by flashbacks during the first season), as well as it being the place where Harry's own father had worked as a janitor. Tucci is bound to a table in the rat infested basement, blindfolded and set up for Dexter to kill him. He fails to meet Dexter's code, however, and Dexter sends Debra an anonymous tip leading her to the hospital and Tucci.

2013-08-23 2208

Dexter watches as Tony begs to be killed - Dexter frees him instead.

Tucci is later interviewed by Debra Morgan and James Doakes, but Tucci proves to be of little help, as he hadn't seen the killer face, being blindfolded the entire time, which also prevented him from seeing Dexter finding him in the basement. When blindfolded again at Debra's suggestion, however, Tucci did recall that ITK seemed to be fond of lozenges, which he noticed he sucked on by the distinct scent of menthol.

The forensics team later finds the wrapper for one of these lozenges in the basement as a part of a rat's nest with a partial finger print on it. Prosthetic surgeon Rudy Cooper provides Tucci with fully functioning replacements for his missing leg and arm. Now back on his feet, Tucci seems to be in a relationship with Shanda.