The Wormwood is a crime scene in DEXTER. The Wormwood was the seventh of the Doomsday Tableaus and the sixth one intended to display a victim(s). The apparent target as well as location for this crime scene is the Miami Metro Police Department

This crime scene (provided it occurs as planned) is linked with Ricochet Rabbit (Crime Scene), where Holly Benson was killed aboard the Ricochet Rabbit and the device called Wormwood was developed at this location.


Beth Dorsey faces the consequences of Wormwood alone.

The Crime

Unknown. Device is said to poison mankind, ironically "man" was represented as the Police in each of the previous crime scenes where they were depicted (such as The Angel of Death) so the intended target (based on Travis Marshall's encounter with Angel Batista is the Miami Metro Police Department. If the device is successful, many lives will be lost as a Mass Murder.


Under the instructions of Travis Marshall, Beth Dorsey takes the Wormwood device, hidden inside of a University of Tallahassee backpack, to the offices of Miami Metro Homicide, bypassing the metal detector at the visitor's entrance by using Batista's keycard. There, following Travis' explicit instructions, Beth asks for Lt. Debra Morgan, telling the officer on duty that she has information for Debra concerning the DDK and Wormwood. After being told that Debra was in the field and not at the office, Beth waits for her at Miami Metro Homicide.

Dexter, arriving back at the office before Debra, notices Beth before doing some internet research on Steve Dorsey. When Debra arrives, she is told by the officer on duty that Beth has some information on DDK and Wormwood. As Debra prepares to take Beth to an interrogation room, Dexter finds a picture of Steve and Beth together. Realizing that it was Steve Dorsey's wife that he had seen when returning to the office, he looks out into the office waiting area and see Beth has gone.? He then looks around the office and, seeing Debra escort Beth to the interrgation room, he notices the backpack's logo, and sees Beth push the activation button that was hidden in one of the straps of the backpack. Jumping into action, Dexter quickly pushes Beth past Debra and into the interrogation room, using his body weight to close and seal the door behind her. Dexter tells Debra to get everyone out of the building, and Debra uses the fire alarm and her voice to get everyone to evacuate.

Dexter successfully manages to keep Beth from opening the door, sealing her in the interrogation room with the active Wormwood device. Beth, coughing up blood, quickly succumbs, the only fatality of the Wormwood device, though Dexter, when pushing Beth into the interrogation room and struggling against her to keep the door shut, is exposed to a small dose of the gas. This exposure, while not enough to kill Dexter, was enough to weaken him, leading him to lose consciousness later on that day while he was stalking Travis at the marina where Dexter kept his boat, the Slice of Life.


As Travis Marshall intends to finish the work that he started, he creates the device known as Wormwood with the intent on using it to "poison mankind". After his encounter with Sergeant Angel Batista, he discovers a badge displaying the name of the Miami Metro Police Department, thus deciding it as a sign from God as to where Wormwood should be used.

Clues and Evidence

None as of yet.

Victim(s) and Suspect(s)

Due to Dexter's quick actions, Beth Dorsey is the only fatality caused by the activation of Wormwood.

Wormwood was known to be the work of Travis Marshall before its attempted deployment, though until Beth activated the device, it was unknown what form Wormwood actually would take by either Dexter or the police, other than being a poison gas.

Detectives, Forensics and Other Agents on Scene

Currently unknown, as the target is the Miami Metro Police Department any officers present would be included (unless they are turned into victims).


  • This is the first crime scene in the series where a mass of multiple targets seem to be intended.