The Shipping Yard Massacre was a drug-related quad-homicide (committed by three men) that occurred within a single shipping container in Miami on the date 3 October 1973.

The Murders


Dexter (R) and Brian, forced to sit in blood for two days.

This was an important event in the series because one of the victims (Laura Moser) was murdered in front of her two young sons - Dexter and Brian Moser. The two boys witnessed their mother and three others being butchered with a chainsaw, and then they were left behind to sit in the gore for two days.

The Aftermath

Officer Harry Morgan was called to the scene, and he rescued (and adopted) Dexter, thus separating the brothers. Over time, Harry began to notice something off about Dexter. He eventually found a grave of animal bones, and Dexter admitted that he had killed the animals.

As a homicide detective, Harry realized that Dexter's dark urges would likely cause him to victimize humans later on in life. To help Dexter avoid prison, Harry taught him a code to live by that would protect him. Under the code, Dexter was allowed to murder deserving individuals without falling under suspicion by law enforcement.

The trauma of The Shipping Yard Massacre caused both Dexter and Brian to become serial serial killers -- Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Brian as the Ice Truck Killer.

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