The Shipping Yard Massacre was a drug-related quad-homicide (committed by three men) that occurred within a single shipping container at The Shipping Yard in Miami.


Dexter (TV Series)

It was a very important event in the series because one of the victims (A junkie named Laura Moser) was murdered here in front of her two sons; Dexter and Brian Moser, and this is what caused Dexter to become a Serial Killer. The two boys were forced to sit in the gore for two days. Each were

Dexter and Brian, forced to sit in blood for two days.

utterly anguished by this, yet began to form dark urges within themselves. Officer Harry Morgan was called onto the scene, and he rescued (and later, adopted) Dexter, thus separating the latter from his brother. After a while, Harry began to notice something off about Dexter (eventually finding out that Dexter had been killing various animals), and so decided to create a legitimate code that Dexter could operate under for his entire life (knowing that Dexter wouldn't put a stop to his dark urges and would eventually victimize humans). Harry also will be later known as Dexter's Dark Passenger that drives his urges through out the series.

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