The Lake of Fire by Dave Lebow

The Lake of Fire is a crime scene in DEXTER. The Lake of Fire is the eighth of the Doomsday Tableaus and the only one not displaying a victim. At the scene, there is a ring of fire in the middle of the ocean.


The fire circle in the ocean

The Crime

Attempted murder: Dexter Morgan was the intended victim of this tableau but escaped and swam all night, until he was saved by a boat carrying Cuban refugees. Homicide never figures this out, however, as they see it only as the final Tableau.


The killer dragged the victim to the middle of the ocean using his own boat. He then straps his to a lifeboat filed with gasoline and sets the ocean on fire creating an Alpha-Omega symbol in the ocean. He flames spread out and eventually reached the lifeboat where a giant explosion occurs and presumedly kills the intended victim. But the victim manages to escape and swims to shore.


Dexter Morgan was chosen for antagonistic reasons as Travis Marshall's sixth Doomsday Victim, as it is known that Dexter was hunting for Travis Marshall to stop his string of killings and kill him. Travis saw this as a threat and eventually came to the conclusion that Dexter was the Beast that needed to be killed for this Tableau.

What is also clear is the message, Travis is trying to convey the destruction of the devil in a hellish setting. As the destruction of evil foreshadowed his greater plan: the End of Days. This was discovered by Miami Metro Homicide through Gellar's notebook and Detective Mike Anderson's understanding of the Book of Revelations.

Clues and Evidence

At the scene, the clear evidence is the ring of fire in the ocean and nothing else present since Homicide did not go to the scene.

Victim(s) and Suspect(s)

The intended victim in this crime was named Dexter Morgan, a 40 year-old Caucasian man who had been playing a game of cat and mouse with the suspected killer. The killer took this up as a sign that Dexter was the Beast that needed to be sacrificed in his next Tableau.

The suspect in this crime is Travis Marshall, a 33 year old Caucasian man who works at the Miami Museum of Art. He is also the actual perpetrator of this crime.

Detectives, Forensics and Other Agents on Scene

No law enforcement officials are present on scene because the crime scene itself is in the ocean but the following do discuss the scene in relation to the others:


  • This is the first crime scene not visited by Miami Metro Homicide and are instead given a satellite image.