The Ice Truck Killer
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Christian Camargo
Season One
Season Two
Season Six
First Appearance
Dexter (mentioned)
Last Appearance
Born Free
Appears in
Seven Episodes (actual appearances)
Full Name
Brian Moser
Rudy Cooper
Manner of Death
Throat slit, blood drained by Dexter Morgan.
38 (at death)
17 July 1968
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Dexter Morgan (brother)
Laura Moser (mother, deceased)
Joe Driscoll (father, deceased)
Professional Status
Serial Killer
Killer Profile
"The Ice Truck Killer"
Number of Victims
At least fifteen
Modus Operandi
Killing Method
ITK straps his victims to a table, tilts them upside-down, slits their carotid artery and allows them to bleed out. Death by exsanguination
Method of Disposal
Usually none. Bodies are displayed in plain-sight
As with his biological brother Dexter Morgan, Brian Moser witnessed the brutal dismemberment of his mother at the age of five. This left him mentally scarred and gave him very strong inclinations toward homicidal acts. Unlike Dexter, he did not have the guidance of Harry Morgan along with The Code of Harry to prevent him from killing the innocent.

For the character behind the serial killer, visit Brian Moser.

The Ice Truck Killer is a serial Killer in the DEXTER television series, based on the Tamiami Slasher from the Dexter Book Series.

Living under the alias of Rudy Cooper, he begins a strange killing spree in Miami, FL. When police find the bodies of several dismembered and bloodless prostitutes, they initiate a difficult investigation, not realizing that the killer is hiding in plain sight.

The Ice Truck Killer is the Main Antagonist of Season One, the First Main Antagonist of the series, and the First Serial Killer Antagonist that Dexter faces.

In Born Free, it is revealed that ITK is Dexter Morgan's long lost biological brother, Brian Moser.

The Ice Truck Killer

Brian Moser derived his need to kill from witnessing the gruesome murder of his mother at a young age. After having spent his youth in a mental institution, he was released at age twenty-one. In 1998, he killed a man by the name of Rudy Cooper and assumed his identity. Soon after, he set in motion an elaborate plan to reconnect with his brother, Dexter Morgan, Brian had discovered that Dexter not only worked as a forensic blood spatter analyst with an impressive track record, but was also a serial killer just like himself.

In his first step to trigger Dexter's memory of the past, Brian began to leave bloodless, dismembered women in public areas. (Although Dexter also dismembered his victims, Brian cut up the bodies in more symmetrical portions.)

2013-08-23 2151

Brian spills his blood-buckets into Room 103 of the Marina View Hotel, in order to jog Dexter's memory.

Messages and Games

Very intelligent, calculating, and cautious, ITK used methods that were detailed and encrypted. Brian played games with the police and left "puzzles" meant strictly for Dexter. He knew exactly how to convey the past to Dexter without giving too much away. Police diversions and clues to Dexter's past included:

  • Dismembered, bloodless bodies
  • Creation of a non-existent witness with an incomplete cut on one leg (as if he were interrupted)
  • A spotless Ice Truck containing fingertips within a block of ice
  • An innocent man framed, before cutting off his hand and leg
  • As lover to Debra in order to get close to Dexter
  • Doll pieces left inside Dexter's fridge
  • Different colored fingernails, including on a prosthesis
  • Body parts displayed in places that represent significant moments of Dexter's past
  • Tony Tucci, who was set up to be killed
  • His murder of their father
  • The blood-filled hotel room - Room 103
  • Closure at the Moser household

Modus Operandi

Although Dexter and Debra speculated that The Ice Truck Killer committed his murders in a stolen ice truck (hence his name), it is revealed in episode 8 that he had a custom refrigeration unit in his apartment. It was there that he dismembered his victims, wrapped up the pieces, and left them in public areas for the police to find.

Brian had a method to drain the blood out of each corpse before he cut it up (allowing a less messy process). He would string his victim upside down on an electric-powered table with metal grating. Then the neck was slit to allow the heart to pump out the blood, which was collected in a bucket. Later, he used the buckets of blood in his scheme to make his brother remember the past.

in Born Free, Dexter set up his murder of Brian to look like a suicide by slashing his throat and draining his blood in his own kill room.


Unnamed Hookers

(These victims are likely in the Blood Buckets' list.)

blood buckets

Other Kills



  • Kills during 1989 - 2006 (except for Rudy Cooper)

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