The Gulf Stream2

The Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream is a location on Showtime's series DEXTER. It's a powerful current that starts in the Gulf of Mexico and flows into the Atlantic at the tip of Florida, accelerating along the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland.

"I also found a newer, safer place to dump my trash. Moving at over four miles per hour, the Gulf Stream is one of the world's most powerful deep-water currents. This time tomorrow, Little Chino will be north of Palm Beach. After that, it's on to Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina until eventually...well, let's just say the North Atlantic is a pretty big place." ~ Dexter Morgan, after killing Little Chino ("Waiting to Exhale")


Following the grisly discovery of body parts by scuba divers in Bay Harbor, Miami, Dexter Morgan was forced to rethink his disposal method for his first kill in awhile - Little Chino. He bounced the idea off Vince Masuka by asking where the Bay Harbor Butcher could safely dispose of his victims now that his "treasure trove" was found. Vince threw out suggestions, including the Everglades (where they'd be eaten by alligators). The Everglades had actually been used by Dexter in the past, before he bought a boat, to dispose of Mary and Juan Rinez.

As a fisherman, Dexter knew of the Gulf Stream, and it caught his attention as the solution on how to safely dispose of his victims. At night, Dexter took his boat (Slice of Life) to this location and dumped bags containing body parts into the ocean. They sank within the waters to be picked up by the strong current (triangulated by Dexter using GPS). Eventually, each victim ended up somewhere in the North Atlantic.

The Gulf Stream proved an absolutely safe location for Dexter to dispose of his victims, and he encountered no issues from law enforcement. However, he and Lumen Pierce, were spotted on his boat by Stan Liddy while they were dumping one of their victims. The chance that a body part would wash up and be linked back to Dexter or the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation (closed in Season Two) was basically impossible.

When dumping into the Gulf Stream, Dexter did not need to weigh down the bags with rocks, as he had when using Bay Harbor. The Gulf Stream is such a powerful current that the the bags were swiftly taken far away. Bay Harbor, on the other hand, is a shallow lagoon near Miami populations. Bodies in Bay Harbor needed to be weighted down so they would stay put, and not float to the surface where they would be noticed.

Those Aware of Body Dumps

The Gulf Stream itself is well known, but only a few people knew why Dexter went there some nights on his boat.

  • Lumen Pierce had aided Dexter in killing and disposing of the Barrel Girl Gang; therefore, she was well aware of Dexter's use of the Gulf Stream.
  • Stan Liddy followed Dexter and photographed him on his boat from a distance. He presented the photos, which showed Dexter and Lumen dumping black bags overboard, to Joey Quinn. Liddy told Quinn that the bags probably contained bodies, or something else illicit. Additionally, Liddy had footage and recordings of Dexter and Lumen seemingly planning a kill together, but he didn't show these to Quinn. However, Dexter soon killed Liddy and destroyed the footage, which erased the evidence against him.
  • Debra Morgan and Evelyn Vogel accompanied Dexter when he dumped the body of A.J. Yates in the Gulf Stream.
  • (Brian Moser, if he was still alive, would have known of, and likely applauded, Dexter's use of the Gulf Stream. He had been aware that Dexter dumped bodies into Bay Harbor, and even retrieved Valerie Castillo's body from the water.)

Victims Dumped in the Stream

Note: This list ONLY includes victims that were dumped into the Gulf Stream. Victims disposed of before Season Two, or in other ways, are not counted.

Season Two

1. Little Chino - First victim. Needed more trash bags than normal due to his large size. Slowly stabbed in the heart.
2. Roger Hicks - Second victim. Stabbed in the heart.
3. Santos Jimenez - Third victim. Dismembered with a chainsaw.

Season Three

4-7. Unknown Victims who were presumably dumped in the Gulf Stream. This is not confirmed, however.
8. Carnival Worker - Eighth victim. Decapitated. Presumably dumped in the Gulf Stream, although this is not confirmed.
9. Fred Bowman - Ninth victim. Dexter lies and says that "Freebo" was buried in a local cemetery, however he was actually dumped in the Gulf Stream. Stabbed in the neck.
10. Nathan Marten - Tenth victim. Technically, undeserved (by The Code of Harry standards). Dexter killed him because Marten was a pedophile who had taken photos of Astor, and likely planned to hurt her. Strangled.
11. Clemson Galt - Eleventh victim. Stabbed in the heart.
12. Billy Fleeter - Twelfth victim. Stabbed in the heart by Miguel Prado. Dexter dumped him in the Gulf Stream afterward.

Season Four

13-24. Unknown Victims, presumably all dumped in the Gulf Stream. This is not confirmed, however.
25. Benny Gomez - Twenty-Fifth victim. After killing Benny, Dexter had a car accident and lost track of where he placed the body parts. He later discovered them hanging above the boxing ring. He likely dumped them in the Gulf Stream. Stabbed in the heart.
26. Zoey Kruger - Twenty-Sixth victim. Stabbed in the heart.
27. Jonathan Farrow - Twenty-Seventh victim. Dexter decapitated him with a cleaver, mistakenly thinking he was a murderer, and then dumped his remains in the Gulf Stream. However, Dexter later discovered that Farrow was innocent.
28. Stan Beaudry - Twenty-Eighth victim. Neck sawed out with a power saw. Presumably, dropped in the Gulf Stream as his body was never found.
29. Arthur Mitchell - Twenty-Ninth victim. Bludgeoned to death with the sharp side of a hammer. Dexter is shown dumping his body in the Gulf Stream.

Season Five

30. Rankin - Thirtieth victim. Possibly disposed of in the Gulf Stream, as leaving his body at the establishment would have provided issues for Dexter, although this is not confirmed. Beaten to death with an anchor.
31. Boyd Fowler - Thirty-first victim. Stabbed in the heart, and presumably dumped in the Gulf Stream afterward, although this is not confirmed.
32. Cole Harmon - Thirty-second victim. Stabbed in the heart and dismembered in a hotel.
33. Alex Tilden - Thirty-third victim. Stabbed in the heart by Lumen Pierce, who helped Dexter dump him in the Gulf Stream afterwards.
34. Jordan Chase - Thirty-fourth. Stabbed in the heart by Lumen Pierce.

Season Six

35-47. Unknown victims, presumably all dumped in the Gulf Stream. This is not confirmed, however.
48-49. Ben and Roger - Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth victims. Hearts stopped with a defibrillator.
50. Joe Walker - Fiftieth. Hit on the head with a hammer and then stabbed in the chest.
51. Julio Benes - Fifty-first victim. Throat slit.
52. Nick - Fifty-second victim. Drowned in the ocean.

Season Seven

53. Viktor Baskov - Fifty-third victim. Beaten with a fire extinguisher. Entire body dropped in the ocean.
54. Isaak Sirko - Notably, the only person not killed by Dexter or an associate to be dumped into the ocean. Shot in the chest by George Novikov, later bled out on Dexter's boat. Entire body dropped into the ocean.
55. Clint McKay- Fifty-fourth victim. Stabbed in the chest, on the boat. Entire body dropped in the ocean.

Season Eight

56. Ron Galuzzo - Fifty-fifth victim. Body presumably dumped after his death.
57. A.J. Yates - Fifty-sixth victim. Entire body dumped in the presence of Debra and Vogel.
58. Miles Castner - Fifty-seventh victim. Entire body dumped. Killed by Hannah McKay. Second victim to be disposed of in the presence of another.
59. Zach Hamilton - Fifth-eighth victim. Entire body dumped. Killed by The Brain Surgeon.

Victims Not Dumped in Stream

This is a list of victims (post-Bay Harbor disposal) who were not dumped in the Gulf Stream, including the reasons why not, and how they were killed.

Season Two

1. Ken Olson - Cadaver was left at the scene of the crime for the police to find. Decapitated with a cleaver.
2. Jose Garza - Cadaver was going to be used to frame James Doakes. Neck sawed out with a power saw.
3. Esteban Famosa - Was an impromptu kill, and was instead fed to gators. Neck broken.
4. Teo Famosa - Was an impromptu kill, and was instead fed to gators. Shot in the head.
5. Lila West - Unknown what happened to her cadaver, but since she was not killed in Miami, she could not have been dumped in the Gulf Stream, as Dexter could not possibly have smuggled a body back into Miami. Stabbed in the heart.

Season Three

6. Oscar Prado - Impromptu kill when looking for Freebo, and had to be left. Stabbed in the chest during a struggle.
7. Ethan Turner - Dumped out a window of the boat he was killed on, in the Bay Harbor, not in the Gulf Stream, unless of course the boat Dexter was on at the time happened to be over the Gulf Stream when Dexter threw the dismembered body out the window.
8. Camilla Figg - Mercy killing, in a hospital. Fed poisoned key lime pie.
9. Miguel Prado - Could not be disposed of because he was the ADA, and his disappearance would attract too much attention, instead being thrown in a field and pinned on The Skinner. Strangled.
10. George King - The police were nearby, so he was instead thrown onto a moving police vehicle, making them believe he had committed suicide. Neck broken.

Season Five

11. Dan Mendell - Police were arriving and he had no time to dispose of him, instead making a fake crime scene with him and Lance Robinson. Neck broken.
12. Lance Robinson - Police were arriving and he had no time to dispose of him, instead making a fake crime scene with him and Dan Mendell. Strangled.
13. Stan Liddy - Had to leave him because Lumen needed help. Left him in his van where he killed him. Stabbed in the chest during a struggle.

Season Six

14. Walter Kenney - To destroy his legacy and keep him from being known as the Tooth Fairy Killer. Suffocated with a pillow. Paramedics took him away
15. Norm - Dexter was unable to use his usual means of disposal as he was in Nebraska, so he was thrown into a corn silo instead. Stabbed in the stomach with a pitchfork.
16. Steve Dorsey - Dexter called the police afterward and left him on the "Ricochet Rabbit". Stabbed in the abdomen.
17. Beth Dorsey - Was not disposed of because Dexter killed her at Miami Metro Police Department, to keep her from setting off Wormwood. Locked in a room with a gas bomb.
18. Alberto - Dexter was on another boat with several others, so instead, he was simply thrown into the ocean. Stabbed in a stomach with a harpoon.
19. Travis Marshall - Body burned, death made to look like a suicide. Stabbed in the chest.

Season Seven

20. Ray Speltzer - Body burned in a crematorium, along with Dexter's second slide box. Stabbed in the chest with a stake.
21. Unnamed Hitman - Body was left at Viktor Baskov's apartment, due to the unexpected kill. Throat slashed.
22. Oleg Mickic - Body left at the shooting range, to prove that he was dead. Stabbed through the back.
23. Hector Estrada - Left at a crime scene, along with the body of Maria LaGuerta. Stabbed in the chest.

Season Eight

24. Andrew Briggs - Body taken away by paramedics, after Debra called it in. Stabbed in the chest during a struggle.
25. Oliver Saxon - Killed in a police station, claimed self defense. Stabbed in the neck with a pen after he attacked him first.
26. Debra Morgan - Entire body dumped in Biscayne Bay (not the Atlantic Ocean). Life support shut off by Dexter Morgan after she suffered a stroke caused by a blood clot. News report after the hurricane stated that Dexter went missing in Biscayne Bay where the wreckage of his boat was found.

Gulf Stream Trivia

  • The average speed of the Gulf Stream is four miles per hour (6.4 kilometers per hour). As it widens to the far north, the stream slows to a speed of about one mile per hour (1.6 kilometers per hour), and breaks up into swirling currents.
  • The Gulf Stream transports nearly four billion cubic feet of water per second, an amount greater than that carried by all of the world's rivers combined.[1]
  • The Gulf Stream is not a simple ribbon of moving water but rather a complicated network of currents that tend to shift course over time, to disappear and then reappear, and to develop eddies along the margins.[2]

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