2013-09-15 1759

Treasure hunters in the Biscayne Bay, about to discover the completely unexpected

Biscayne Bay, also widely known as the Bay Harbor, is a location in DEXTER. It was where Dexter Morgan disposed of his victims in Seasons 1, as well as the early parts of Season 2, after they were dismembered, put into trash bags, and dumped. Once the numerous scores of his victims were discovered at the very bottom of the bay, the police named the unknown killer "The Bay Harbor Butcher", deriving from his method of discarding his victims. Once Dexter discovered this, he instinctively moved his boat (Slice of Life) to a different marina, where he took his victims' remains out to the Gulf Stream, where they would be flushed away by the current with little disturbance and would eventually end up somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean. In Season 8, after he relieves his sister, Debra Morgan, of her pain (being in a vegetative state) by shutting off her life-support and so ending her life, he takes her to this location and slowly drops her body into the water, watching sorrowfully as she disappears from him forever. He then drives his boat into a hurricane and after search parties find the wreckage and no body, they assume that Dexter is dead. In reality, he had survived and faked his own death, so that he could start a new life as a lumberjack, isolated from everyone as a way of preventing himself form "harming" any one else.