Teegan Campbell
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Jelly Howie
Season Three
First Appearance
Our Father
Last Appearance
Our Father
Full Name
Teegan Campbell
Jane Doe
Manner of Death
Killed by The Skinner
21 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status

Teegan Campbell is a character from DEXTER and is one of the many victims that meet their deaths at the hand of a serial killer. She was dating Fred Bowman aka "Freebo", a dealer who killed two college girls and got away on a state police screwup or the "Catch and Release" program as Dexter Morgan calls it. She apparently lives at 22 Lincoln Lane.


Teegan is a rather skinny girl with long blonde hair (with a pink highlight applied to some of her bangs). She typically wears somewhat trashy clothes, nothing suited to go out but mainly to sleep in.


Not much is known of her personality, she is mainly a junkie who is ready for her next hit and if she doesn't get it, she's quick to anger. She appeared to be emotionally distressed and may have cared for her boyfriend Freebo, yet he could care less about her.


Teegan is only around for one episode, at the start of Season 3.

Season 3

Whenever Dexter Morgan begins following Fred Bowman and introduces himself to Wendell Owens in order to gain access to his house. He comes across Teegan after a brief meeting with Freebo. She comes to him asking for a hit but he rudely blows her off, claiming he's conducting "business". She responds by becoming infuriated and storms out of the house, with this being her last living appearance.

Later on in the episode she is found dead on the side of a road and Dexter recognizes her after Masuka turns over her body. She is considered a Jane Doe to Miami Homicide until Debra Morgan figures out her true identity, revealing that she is in fact Teegan Campbell...Fred Bowman's girlfriend. Of course at this time everyone, even Dexter, believes that Freebo killed her...but later it is learned that George Washington King was responsible...having abducted her, peeled skin from her body and eventually strangled her when he didn't receive the information he wanted on Freebo's location.

Death and Killer

Teegan is the first victim of The Skinner's serial killings in Season 3.

Teegan Campbell is an unfortunate victim of Season 3's notorious serial killer, The Skinner. Like all of Season 3's killings (at least those that appeared during that time in the story), she is one of many kills committed because George King was searching for Freebo...while unknowingly feeding his dark passenger and not admitting the fact that he was a true serial killer. Because she was Freebo's girlfriend at the time, King thought he could use Teegan to find out his location...only to fail because she had no idea where he actually was (he had fled after a mixup with Oscar Prado and hid at her house).

Teegan was abducted at the end of that week by George King, whom had heard about Freebo's disappearance via the news after Oscar Prado's publicized death. King went ahead and tried to get information out of her, while cutting a piece of flesh from her shoulder (in the shape of a square). After she produced nothing of use, he strangled her to death on Sunday and moved her body to a new location, most likely dumping it out of a truck.

Her body was found on the side of a public street by some locals, from which Miami Homicide investigated the situation and assumed her identity was a Jane Doe, until Debra Morgan's intuition led her to Campbell's identity, her connection to Freebo and eventually to George King.