Sylvia Prado
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Valerie Cruz
Season Three
First Appearance
Finding Freebo
Last Appearance
Monkey In a Box
Full Name
Sylvia Prado

30s to 40s
Personal Status
Marital Status
Miguel Prado (deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Ramon Prado (brother-in-law)
Oscar Prado (brother-in-law; deceased)
Professional Status
Real-Estate Agent

Sylvia Prado is a character in DEXTER. She is the wife of Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado and works as a real-estate agent, assisting Rita Bennett in choosing a house for her, Dexter and her children Cody and Astor to live in.


Sylvia along with her husband Miguel Prado and his brothers Ramon and Oscar all make their appearance in Season Three. She is not seen again until Season Eight, while her family does not return whatsoever.

Season Three

She first appears as the loving and adoring wife of Miguel Prado and accompanies him to his brother's funeral to pay her respects. Later, after Dexter and Miguel become friends, she meets and befriends Dexter's girlfriend: Rita. After Rita refuses to drink some wine, she immediately figures out that Rita is pregnant and congratulates her. She admits that she and Miguel have been trying for years to conceive. She goes on to say that he is the one that wants kids while she is satisfied with the way things are. Later, when Rita loses her job at the hotel Sylvia offers her a job as her assistant in real estate and even helps her pick out a house for her and her soon to be new family. When Rita starts having problems with the baby, Sylvia rushes her to the hospital and calls Miguel to try and get a hold of Dexter. After some time she starts confiding in Rita that she begins to see a darkness inside Miguel which is really bothering her. Rita tells her that she should confront him about it as it will bring them closer. This however backfires and Miguel cannot control his temper in public anymore. Later Sylvia goes to Dexter after they have killed William Fleeter and asks Dexter if Miguel was with him last night. Dexter answers yes and everything is fine until Sylvia reveals that Miguel was out longer than Dexter and seems to think Miguel is having an affair. While she is helping Rita with her wedding dress Rita thinks Miguel is having an affair with Maria LaGuerta and Sylvia follows up her theory by going to Maria's house where she finds Miguel. She is furious and wants nothing more to do with him and forces him to move out of their house. Sylvia is devastated when she hears of Miguel's death. However she helps prepare Rita for her wedding and is last seen enjoying the wedding.

Season Eight

Dexter Morgan prepares to move to Argentina with his new lover Hannah McKay and his son Harrison, following the former's criminal status. As such, Dexter takes the appropriate measures to make a safe and unsuspected move out of country, including selling his apartment. Sylvia is seen outside of Dexter's Apartment with Oliver Saxon, likely walking him through it as a "potential buyer". Inside, Saxon explains that the safest way for him to deliver his proposal to Dexter was to have a "referee" (referring to Sylvia), to prevent them from killing each other.