Steve Valentine
Character Profile
First Appearance
Double Dexter
Last Appearance
Double Dexter
Full Name
Steve Valentine
Puffalump the Clown
Manner of Death
Killed by Dexter Morgan

Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Serial Killer
Killer Profile
"Puffalump the Clown"
Number of Victims
at least 3
Modus Operandi
Killing Method
Valentine would sexually abuse little boys and then strangle them to death with an unknown implement
Method of Disposal
Valentine would dump his victims into a canal and let them drift down steam
He was attracted to little boys and after he was done "playing" with them, he would kill them so there would be no witnesses

Steve Valentine (a.k.a. Puffalump the Clown), was a character from Double Dexter. He was a pedophile that targeted small boys.


Steve Valentine was a children's entertainer that dressed as a clown. He ran ads in the local papers and was hired for children's parties. He was arrested twice before when as Dexter states "He was arrested and released twice when parents pointed out to the police that you don't really need to take a child into a dark closet to show him balloon animals."

He lived in a run-down apartment building north of Opa-locka airport. He lived on the second floor where he sat on a lawn chair which over looked the playground where as Dexter puts it "He can sit and sip beer and watch the children play and think his happy thoughts about playing with them. And he does."

Valentine sexually abused and strangled at least three young boys and disposed of them in a canal. But Dexter always thought he may have killed more.

He got away with the murders because he had a police scanner in his apartment and when he heard that they were coming he would take the photos of his victims and leave that they couldn't implicate him with the crime. He drove a Chevrolet Blazer which Dexter hid inside and garroted him and forced him to drive to the kill room.

His last words before Dexter killed him was "They were... Beautiful."

Doug Crowley/Bernie Elan witnessed Valentine's murder which sets up the Double Dexter storyline.


  • It is possible Valentine was based on real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy who raped, sexually assaulted, and strangled at least 33 young men in Des Plaines, Chicago, Illinois. Gacy was also a children's entertainer who dressed as a clown.