Steve Reiker is a character from Dearly Devoted Dexter. He was a photographer and pedophile who took pictures of Randy Macgregor's victims. He was Dexter's second victim in Dearly Devoted Dexter.


Steve Reiker was a pedophile photographer who was the accomplice of Randy Macgregor who killed and raped little boys. After Dexter killed Randy MacGregor, he finds evidence of a second suspect of the crime, because if Macgregor appears with the children on the photos, someone else should have been taking them. Dexter revisited MacGregor's boat and searched for evidence. He finds a visual evidence of a second individual with red boots. Upon further investigation Dexter finally identifies the suspect as Steve Reiker, a professional photographer. Dexter wishes to find and kill him but cannot since Sgt. Doakes keeps following him. Dexter is finally able to kill him at the end of Dearly Devoted Dexter. Dexter states how the body is now inside a package deep in the water of the Gulf Stream.


Though not directly participating in the deaths of the children abducted by MacGregor, Reiker had CD's with the names of GREENFIELD and LOPEZ on the desk were Dexter found the NAMBLA footage. Both names could belong to possible victims of both him and MacGregor.


  • Dexter kills him off-scene as his death is narrated by Dexter himself during the epilogue of Dearly Devoted Dexter.
  • Reiker may have provided the basis for the character of Jonathan Farrow in the TV series as both of them are rapists who probably were not directly involved in the murder itself, but were somehow connected. Both of them also worked as a respectable photographers who moonlighted by photographing raped/abused  victims and both took Dexter some planning and time to kill. The striking difference is that in the novels Dexter eagerly pursues Reiker and feels no remorse on his death as he is certainly at least an accomplice to murders, while in the series Dexter deeply regrets killing Farrow as he turned out not to be a killer. Character of Nathan Marten is also arguably similar because he's also a photographer and a pedophile. Never the less, Dexter had completely different reactions on Marten and Farrow despite both of them not meeting Harry's code.