Dexter brieft special task force

Agent Lundy Briefing Special Task Force

Frank Lundy's Task Force is an elite-group of detectives handpicked by rockstar FBI Agent Frank Lundy to assist him in the capture of the Bay Harbor Butcher. The group officially breaks up after Sergeant James Doakes is declared the killer in this case and everyone returns to their duties as homicide detectives.


Task Force Members

The group is run by Special Agent Frank Lundy, with constant supervision from Captain Thomas Matthews. The major members of the task force include:

Officer Debra Morgan - Runs point and helps Lundy achieve a lot of information
Detective Angel Batista -
Lead Forensic Investigator Vince Masuka -

Other members include:

Officer Cook
Officer Sanchez
Officer Campbell
Officer Panco
Detective Robert Ramos
Detective Ramirez
Detective Hill
Detective Booker
Detective Bellany
Sergeant Lee




Other Information

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