The Skinner and Anton Briggs

Anton Briggs (L) and George King

The Skinner Case is a police investigation into a series of killings of people connected to Fred Bowman aka Freebo. The case in itself is the third major case in the series. The major case proceeding this case is the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation and the next major case after this is the Vacation Murders Case.


Fred Bowman - When it was found out that the first victim, Jane Doe, was a strawberry working for Freebo he became homicide's number one suspect. Later strengthened by the fact that the next victim was the man that pointed homicide towards Freebo's direction. Was later cleared as a suspect when they found out that Jane Doe's real name is Teegan Campbell and that Freebo had solid alibis for each of the murders.

Ramon Prado - Was suspected of being the Skinner based on Ramon's motive, means and opportunity for Javier and Wendell's murders. Officer Morgan tailed him to see what he was up too in his spare time. This lead to her witnessing him abduct and torture a man named Felipe Cepeda. Although what Ramon did was illegal he was ruled out as a suspect based on his willingness to let Felipe go.

Mario Astorga - Suspected of being the Skinner after it was discovered that the Skinner was using tree trimming as a cover for surveillance work on his victims. The suspicions were further flamed when it was revealed by George King that he had an assault record. But due to his reaction to George King's name in this Morgan and Quinn quickly realized he wasn't the Skinner and used him to get information on George King.

George Washington King - Initially not considered a suspect until it was revealed that the Skinner was using tree trimming as a cover. He was questioned and tried to hand Homicide a new suspect in his assistant Mario. He was later found out as the Skinner after Mario's information on George King revealed where Anton Briggs was and to George fleeing the scene.

Unsuspected Killers

Dexter Morgan - The real killer of Miguel Prado who copied the Skinner's M.O. to avoid any suspicion of him being the killer.

History of Killer

George King was born Jorge Orozco and was conscripted into the Venezuelan Army, where he rose to the rank of Captain in the Resistencia Nicaraguense; heading an interrogation unit. He tortured and killed people for a living, to the point he was affectionately referred to in his homeland as "The Blade." It is implied that his army experiences caused him to be a control freak who strongly valued respect. Orozco eventually left the army and moved to the United States and settled in Miami; founding and becoming boss of his own tree-trimming company and changing his name to George Washington King. At some unknown point he lent money to Fred Bowman aka Freebo and when he didn't pay George back George assumed he had been disrespected and went out to find Freebo by any means necessary.

Detectives on Case

  • Officer (then) Debra Morgan - Assigned to case from the beginning and eventually connected the investigation to the Prado Murder Case.
  • Detective Joey Quinn -
  • Sergeant-Detective Angel Batista - Assigned to the case since the first victim managing the personnel on the case
  • Lieutenant (then) Maria LaGuerta - Ran the political game on the case when it became high profile

Other operatives involved in the case.

  • Forensics Specialist Vince Masuka - Assigned to the case since the first body running forensics at the crime scenes.
  • Forensic Blood Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Assigned to the case since the first body running blood spatter analysis at the crime scenes.
  • Senior Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado - Helped legal aspects of the case and keeping their prime suspect trapped in the legal system.
  • Confidential Informant Anton Briggs - Gave Debra information about Fred Bowman that later helped in this investigation. Was later used as bait for the Skinner to take.


Teegan Campbell - The first victim whose identity was unknown to police at first but later discovered to be Freebo's girlfriend. She was skinned alive for information and then strangled. Her body was dumped on a patch of grass near the sea.

Javier Garza - The second victim who was skinned alive, however this time more skin was missing. He was then strangled when he could no longer talk just like Teegan. His body was then dumped on the beach for police to find.

An unnamed woman - Was killed and skinned so it originally looked like the work of the Skinner until forensics done by Vince Masuka revealed that she was suffocated and the patch of skin removed was a tattoo and was done post-mortem.

Wendell Owens - The third victim and the only victim to actually die from the skinning process itself. His body was left sitting in a lawn chair out in a public park.

Felipe Cepeda - Ramon Prado abducted him and brought him to a warehouse while Ramon was under suspicion of being the Skinner. Ramon tortured Felipe using soda bottles of information about Freebo which Felipe didn't have; resulting in Ramon setting him free and getting Ramon arrested for his crimes but proven innocent of the murders.

Anton Briggs - An attempted victim who was skinned alive. The killer took his time with Anton and removed two long patches of skin from his shoulder at two separate intervals. Was later rescued by Officer Morgan and Detective Quinn after finding the Skinner's location.

Miguel Prado - The supposed final victim of the Skinner. In reality he was killed by Dexter Morgan who then copied the Skinner's M.O. to throw suspicion off of himself.

Fallout from Case

Because of his unruly behavior and illegal activities undertaken in this investigation, Ramon Prado was forced into early retirement for his abduction, imprisonment and torturing of Felipe Cepeda.

Acclaim from Case

Because of her actions and investigative skills seen during this investigation, Officer Debra Morgan was promoted to Detective by Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta despite her relationship with a key witness in the Skinner case.

Closure of Case

The case was officially closed due to the overwhelming evidence against George King and his eventual "suicide."

Fate of Killer(s)

George King eventually met his end when he was killed by Dexter Morgan after he abducted him. Acting fast, Dexter threw King's body over a railing so it would land on a police car and look like a suicide, and in the process caused King's face to be skinned. Dexter escaped justice once again and framed George King for the murder of Miguel Prado. .