Shawna Wiggs
Shawna Wiggs
Character Profile
First Appearance
Dexter: Down Under Issue 1
Full Name
Shawna Wiggs


Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Member of the Canberra Police

Shawna Wiggs is a Character in the Dexter Comics. Shawna is a Sergeant in the Canberra Police in Canberra, Australia.


Dexter: Down Under #1

After finding another gruesome multiple homicide involving a family of Asian immigrants, just another murder in a recent series of killings, Sergeant Shawna Wiggs feels she is at the end of her rope and decides to enlists the help of an author, who just recently published a best-selling book about blood spatter analysis. 

Shawna requests her captain at the Canberra Police, Gower, to enlist the help of the author of  New Techniques in Pattern Analysis of Blood Spatter, as she feels his knowledge might come in handy in solving the series of murders of illegal immigrants. Captain Gower gives her green light on the request. The author is none other than Dexter Morgan.

Shawna and her officers greet Dexter at the Canberra airport, and both she and Dexter seem to like each other despite having just met for a couple of minutes, Dexter states he is surprised Shawna is so good looking, she says the same of him, the stare at each other and Shawna's officers laugh at the scene. She silences them and takes Dexter on a ride.

Shawna and Dexter head to the latest crime scene in vehicle, while Shawna is driving, Dexter remarks to himself how similar she is to Deborah, in regards of her personality. 

They arrive to the crime scene, while Shawna lists possible motives for the kill, Dexter discards sex, or organized crime. He concludes the victims were killed by someone who fills threatened by Asians. Shawna agrees with the conclusion.

Back at the Canberra HQ, she provides Dexter with a huge list of suspects. Shawna explains why the ones on the list feel threatened by Asians. She states immigrants are not the problem, the problem is illegal immigrants, who work for low incomes, take the jobs of other Australians, and use their resources. Shawna invites Dexter to dinner. 

Bruce and dex

Bruce discussing with Shawna and Dexter.

The next morning Shawna starts early with the investigation and along with Dexter interview each suspect until they arrive to their last one, Bruce Grigsby . If someone is responsible for the killings, is him, as stated by Shawna, as they have ruled out all previous suspects for their lack of connection to the crimes.

Shawna and Dexter visit Bruce, he welcomes them and agrees to be interviewed. His disgust for illegal immigrants is clear, but with lack of evidence to link him to the crimes, Shawna leaves Grigsby at ease.