Shawn Decker
Character Profile
First Appearance
Are We There Yet?
Last Appearance
Are We There Yet?
Full Name
Shawn Decker

Manner of Death
Beaten to death by Zach Hamilton

Personal Status
Marital Status

Killer Profile
"No Known Alias"
Number of Victims
1 (at least)
Modus Operandi
Bare hands.
Killing Method
Strangled a girl during sex.
Method of Disposal
After strangling a girl, he brags about it to people without remorse. Claims it as an "accident".

Shawn Decker is a Character in Season Eight of DEXTER. A hormone-driven murderer, he strangled a girl which he claims was an "accident", during a sexual encounter then went on to brag about it with no remorse. He went to High School with Zach Hamilton, who unfortunately for Shawn, learned about the murder and would later target him as a potential victim.

Zach was a budding serial killer, tutored by Dexter Morgan with The Code of Harry and learned what to look for in a potential victim. With Zach's urges growing stronger, he followed through with the Code's guidelines and tracked someone from his past that he felt deserved it - Shawn Decker. He spent a few days tracking Shawn, taking pictures of him with women and set up his motel room as a Kill Room fully wrapped in plastic. Zach tracks down Shawn, intending to knock him out however he doesn't go down after the first blow so he continues to hit him until he ends up dying and he shoves the body in his car.

Meanwhile, Dexter arrives in the Keys where he figured out Zach was and intends to kill him (believing Zach strayed outside the Code and killed an innocent girl by the name of Cassie Jollenston). After his encounter with Zach, he learns that he didn't kill Cassie and instead scolds him about what happened with Shaun, agreeing to help get rid of the body while Hannah McKay, who arrived with Dexter, deals with the kill room.