The Seven Seas Motel is a location in DEXTER. It is the technical first crime scene shown in the series and the location where the Ice Truck Killer's first Miami victim is dropped. Vice Undercover Officer Debra Morgan was assigned to this location as part of her assignment and has a room given to her in busting Johns as well as various other criminals.

The location itself is in a suburban, lower-middle class part of town while the motel seems to house all sorts of life (including prostitutes). It contains a two story, outside access room complex with a pink finish as well as a pool of its own. The body of the Pool Victim is found here, the first one that Dexter Morgan discovers. The pool itself was drained out and the body parts were left neatly, some of them wrapped.

The crime scene itself contains no trace evidence leading to a killer, however due to two previous bodies found in Broward there is the theory that they are all connected as the work of a Serial killer.

Characters at Location

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