The Church seen at Night


Church during the day

Santa Maria de Laredo is a location in DEXTER. Originally a church owned by the former priest Nicholas Galway until he retired, it now remains apparently abandoned save for the residence of Professor Gellar and Travis Marshall. The church itself appears to be of old Victorian architecture and is likely over a hundred years old.

According to a nun in the retirement home, Santa Maria de Laredo is located out in Daviee and has been abandoned for over 20 years. This however is incorrect, as electricity still runs to the basement where a freezer is kept holding the body of the actual Professor Gellar who has likely been dead for at least three years.

The interior of the facility is adorned with paintings done by Travis Marshall, though some of them may have been originally created by Professor Gellar when he was alive. Each painting depicts the Signs of Revelation that the Doomsday Killer is creating in order to bring the End of Days and the New World.

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