Sal Price
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Santiago Cabrera
Season Seven
First Appearance
Do the Wrong Thing
Last Appearance
Full Name
Salvador Price

Manner of Death
Poisoned by Hannah McKay
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Investigative writer

Salvador "Sal" Price was a Character on DEXTER. He appears in the 6th and 7th episodes of season 7. He was an investigative journalist who wrote various stories on murder. He comes back to Miami after many years to investigate Hannah McKay in a series of deaths.


Sal is a tall and good looking man with a slim build. He wore nice outfits. He had curly hair that he had combed neatly and some facial hair.


Sal is an intelligent, friendly and very charming man, even more so than Dexter, as he proved to be quite a challenge for Dexter to look into him. Sal was also slightly dirty, he paid off Hannah's father Clint to get stories off of her for his book. This shows that he was somewhat willing to gain any information, good or bad, to make a living (though Clint likely did this for himself and money). Despite this, he knew when not to make stories about others, as he refused to make a story about Debra's Ice Truck Killer incident, knowing it wouldn't be right. However, Sal proved he was a good man at heart, as he talked with Debra Morgan about Hannah's work over the years and the death tolls having gone up and his desire to stop her from killing others. He also showed an interest in Debra as he asked her out. Deb showed some interest in him and was very hurt seeing him die after what Hannah did to him. Sal also had an odd habit of chewing on objects, such as straws and pens, a habit that would ultimately cost his life at the hands of Hannah.

Early Life

When he was younger he wrote about the Wayne Randall and Hannah McKay killing spree, depicting Wayne as the lone killer and Hannah as his unwilling accomplice. He also wrote books about the Chautaqua Park Creeper and murder of Christy Lawson. He later comes back to Miami when he begins to suspect that Hannah is murdering people close to her. He discovered that she killed her counselor at a foster home and her husband Jake. He later suspects her of murdering her mentor Beverly Grey and steals a sample of her blood and runs a tox screen. The results come back positive for Aconite but that alone is not enough to charge her for murder.

At some point, it would be revealed that Hannah's father Clint McKay was being paid by Sal to get stories off of her, so Clint to could make a living off his stories.

Season 7

He later comes by Miami Metro Homicide in regards to the new bodies found in the originally Wayne Randall killing spree in search of more evidence. He eventually meets Lieutenant Debra Morgan and begins pursuing her while at the same time investigating the bodies by having his own blood-spatter analyst look at the bodies. He meets Debra's brother Dexter and tells him about the consular she killed and asks Dexter to recommends him to Debra.

They eventually go on a date where Price reveals his suspicions to Debra and they decide to work together to bring Hannah down. They head back to Deb's place where they kiss and eventually work out how they are going after Hannah, her dead husband Jake Kirkwood, and part ways. Sal then goes to pay a visit to Hannah outside her house and discovers her and Dexter Morgan kissing. He confronts Dexter on this and tells him he is going to publish the story until Dexter promises to give him Wayne Randall's last words before he committed suicide. He then visits Hannah in person this time and tries to talk to her. She initially brushes him off until he threatens to reveal Dexter's relationship with her and as a result, she reluctantly agrees to the interview.

He meets Debra at a local bar and Debra tells him that Jake's body wasn't embalmed and that they cannot connect Hannah to his death. He goes over to Hannah's place where she tells Sal about the couple she and Randall killed and, while he wasn't looking, slips poison onto his pen knowing that he compulsively chews on his pen. He goes over to Dexter's house for that interview when suddenly, Dexter threatens to frame him for the murder of Christy Lawson unless he backs off of him and Hannah. He gets angry and yells at Dexter when suddenly he grabs his heart and he drops dead. Dexter performs CPR and tells his nanny Jamie Batista to call an ambulance but Sal is already dead.