"I love homicide...I've always been fascinated by people who do bad things."

Ryan Chambers
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Brea Grant
Season Six
First Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Last Appearance
A Horse of a Different Color
Full Name
Ryan Chambers


Late 20s
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Forensic Intern

Ryan Chambers is a character in DEXTER. She is a newcomer to the Forensics department in Miami Metro Homicide, originally the runner-up to fellow student Peter Latton. She worked alongside Vince Masuka during the Doomsday Killings acting as both his partner in the case and slowly forms a relationship with him.

She has a fascination with the Ice Truck Killer, even going so far as to steal the Prosthetic Arm from evidence. However it's revealed that she immediately turned around and sold it online via an auction site known as This incident results in Vince Masuka removing her as his intern and the spot is open to another man named Louis Greene, who ultimately ends up being the buyer of that very hand.

Ryan Chambers only appeared for four episodes in Season Six (thus far to the last one, This is the Way the World Ends) and has yet to be mentioned since The Angel of Death following her replacement by Louis Greene



Vince checking out Ryan

Ryan is as Debra Morgan and Vince Masuka describe as "the hot chick." She wears somewhat revealing clothing, her first appearance being that of a short miniskirt with a revealing shirt underneath a lab coat...bringing corporate casual to the very limit. Ryan has mid-length, poofed out blonde hair, a tan complexion and brown eyes. Also according to Masuka, she has "remarkable breasts and buttocks."


Ryan in one of her many different outfits

She has the most varying wardrobe of any person in Homicide, often wearing dresses or fashionable mini-skirts with tank tops. It is also revealed that back when the Ice Truck Killer Case was first made public she painted her fingernails five different colors just like his victims.


Ryan: "I love homicide...I've always been fascinated by people who do bad things".
Quinn: "Yeah that's cause you got a little bad in you..."
Ryan: "You think?"
Quinn: "Oh I think you've got a lot of bad in you.."
Ryan: "You may be right...but you'll never know".

Ryan is a flirtatious yet very intelligent young woman. When first introduced she appears as a patient and eager student ready to get into the forensics field, while leaving her impression on various authority figures in the Miami Metro Homicide department. She understands Vince's attraction to her yet doesn't immediately turn him away, rather she toys with him a bit before coming around to being asked out on a date.

Ryan is one of the only characters to have a drastically changing wardrobe in the series. While it's common to see different shirts and pants on characters such as Dexter Morgan or even Joey Quinn, her outfits range from various different styles from dresses to mini-skirts and other outfits. This may relate to her interest in the Ice Truck Killer case, as each nail was differently colored than the other and her outfits in this case vary greatly in color scheme as well as style.

Ryan: "Is this what I think it is?"
Masuka: "Evidence from the Ice Truck Killer Investigation. You said in class how you were really into this case".
Ryan: "Are you kidding? I was...obsessed with this case. I followed it night and day."

As a forensic scientist, she has a deep fascination with "people who do bad things". She first expresses this in her interest with the Doomsday Case, examining with almost a child's admiration for the style of this killer. It's further elaborated that her interest peaks far before these killings when Masuka brings her the evidence box for the Ice Truck Killer Investigation. She looks on with an almost empowering feeling to be able to finally see the evidence from that terrifying case, admitting that when the case details were made public she painted each of her nails the same color as Brian's victims. This interest is strong enough for her to actually grab the arm and stick it in her handbag just before going out to dinner with Vince, according to Dexter's inner logic that speaks over the scene near the end of the episode it would appear that she's possibly searching for some sort of comfort within the case, indicating a potential danger in the future.

However, it is later shown that she was also interested in several other cases, such as Trinity and the Bay Harbor Butcher. It is also revealed that she sold the hand on an auction website, which Vince later confronts her about.



Ryan's first appearance

Ryan attends the University that Vince Masuka teaches a class for in Forensic studies, likely the same University that both Professor Gellar and Travis Marshall attend along with Jamie Batista. Along with several fellow students including Peter, she arrives on a tour through the Miami Metro Police Department instructed by Professor Masuka. He leads them up to the Homicide Department and shows off his Forensics Labs, while explaining himself to coworkers such as Debra Morgan and Angel Batista. He introduces each of them, while Ryan focuses her attention on Batista...who finds himself looking away from her on multiple occasions to avoid eye contact. Quinn catches onto this and gives off a smirk, though whether or not this is a legitimate attraction or her attempting to flirt her way into a position because of Batista's influence in the department is unclear.


Ryan snapping pictures of a crime scene with her phone

She's next seen outside of the crime scene where Omar Rivera was killed, snapping photographs with her phone. Masuka approaches the group, telling them that only the most worthy will become his understudy...placing special attention as he stares at Ryan. It's revealed at first that she wasn't chosen to be Masuka's intern in favor instead of the man who placed the highest test scores, Peter. However, later on when they discover Omar Rivera's body Peter faints on scene and Masuka quotes the following: "Good-bye big guy...hello runner-up, little miss hottie!"


Ryan examining the baby snakes

Vince begins working with his new colleague, finally receiving the baby snakes back from the medical examiner. She inquires about where everything goes after they finish running tests, which he reveals has to go down to evidence. She turns around and takes a seat on the stool, spinning it back and forth as she examines a snake in the beaker. Vince asks if they make her squeamish to which she replies "not at all", smiling as she continues to observe the snakes while Masuka observes something else (her behind). Sergeant Angel Batista arrives on scene, approaching Vince to warn him about the potential lawsuit if he even tries to touch her and Vince shrugs it off, saying he won't get in trouble.


Ryan reveals that she doesn't mind Vince's attraction to her, just to keep hands off.

Ryan approaches Masuka while he is recording a message to note for later, telling him that the toxicology reports on the snakes have returned, revealing trace amounts of metal which weren't present in the stomachs of the baby snakes. This means that the snake's mother had to pass it on to them, having lived in a toxic environment. Then the following dialogue begins:

Ryan: "Do you want to look up EPA clean up sites, or should I?"
Vince: "I'd rather look up your...I mean, I didn't. I wasn't...please don't sue."
Ryan: "You like to watch, good to know."


Ryan, Batista, Dexter and Vince at the Rosalia Davalos crime scene

She proceeds to walk off with a smile while Vince sighs with relief, nearly dodging a lawsuit. The next time Ryan is seen is during the crime scene for Rosalia Dabolos, she assists Vince with the forensics while Dexter shows up to investigate.


Ryan admires the ITK Prosthetic Arm.

Back at Homicide, Vince approaches Ryan with a box claiming it's a gift for how much good work she's been doing. He reveals that it's evidence from the Ice Truck Killer Investigation, saying that he remembered her interest in the subject from class. Ryan admits to her obsession over it, following it day and night and waits as Vince takes out first the ID used for the alias "Rudy Cooper", and then finally the mannequin prosthetic arm worn by Monique, a prostitute that Brian Moser eventually ended up killing. She looks on with fascination as she tells Vince that she wore her fingernails the same way for over a week when the details were first released, asking what happens to all this stuff. Vince tells her that it just remains in evidence for the rest of time and she sighs, feeling that these things are a piece of history and should be in a museum. Vince takes the hand from her gently, which she is a little shocked by but then reasserted that a briefing is about to begin.


Masuka asks Ryan out for dinner.

Going into the following night, Vince decides to finally work up the courage to ask Ryan out. He asks her to go out for some Phở (pronounced 'fuh', though in the context of a subtle joke it sounds as if he's making a sexual pun when he really isn't), which she replies by likely thinking it was sexual and he tells her it's a Vietnamese dish (a big bowl of noodles with broth to be exact). He expects to be turned down and possibly receive bodily harm, but she immediately says yes and with a smile. He is obviously shocked by this and she tells him that he should be a little more confident in himself, even claiming that he looks a bit cute in the right light. Further in the night just before they head out to dinner after work, she's seen going through the Ice Truck Killer evidence box and ends up placing the mannequin hand in her bag to take with her.


Ryan steals the Prosthetic Arm from evidence and puts it in her bag.

Vince later discovered that Ryan had stolen the hand and was selling it online for rent money. She tried defending her actions and tried to convince Masuka that she really was into him. But Vince was too angry with what she had done and subsequently ended up firing her.


Season Six