Rose Guerrero
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Priscilla Medina
First Appearance
Popping Cherry
Last Appearance
Popping Cherry
Appears in
1 episode
Full Name
Rose Guerrero


Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Member of Carlos Guerrero's Church

Rose Guerrero is a Character on DEXTER. She is the teenage daughter of Carlos and Celeste Guerrero. Her father is a major player in the drug ring that Sergeant James Doakes and the Miami Metro Police Department investigate in order to bring him to justice.


Rose is a young woman of Cuban descent with a bright smile, dark black hair and tan skin. She's relatively shorter than most characters, probably standing roughly around 5'0.


She appears to be a kind hearted individual with a sense of responsibility and calling to her Church. She is always seen with a smile, though when hearing news about the death of a cop and his wife she appears sorrowful. It also surprises her when she hears that her father "murdered" (according to James Doakes) the Ricky Simmons and his wife Kara, likely having no knowledge of Carlos's illegal activities.

It seems, despite what her father was involved in, he cared enough about her not to involve her in the criminal life.


Season One

After the death of Ricky Simmons and furthermore his wife Kara Simmons (with whom Doakes had a relationship with), the Sergeant arrives at the celebration for Rose's Confirmation in order to question her on the death of Kara (and Ricky). Following a meeting with the Bishop of the church, she greets Doakes with a smile as he introduces himself and explains his reasoning for being there. She sounds sincere in her condolences to hearing of his investigation into the death of an undercover cop and his wife. In asking if they were part of the Church, Doakes confirms that they were not and this leaves her confused...where he begins to show her a picture of (what is assumed to be) Norberto Cervantes.

Just then her father, Carlos Guerrero, rushes over and warns Doakes to step away from his daughter. One of his men tries to hold him back to which Guerrero shrugs off the notion that he'll do anything and calms down, asking why Doakes would confront him at his Church and in front of his family. Doakes then goes on to tell everyone that Guerrero murdered a cop and an innocent lady, specifically looking over at Rose who comes to her father asking what he's talking about. This puts Guerrero in a tough position where he looks at his daughter with embarrassment, but a lady arrives (likely Guerrero's wife and Rose's mother) to get her away from this situation.

This confrontation, which resulted in Rose being made aware that her father was possibly involved in illegal activities, put Doakes on Carlos's radar. When Detective McNamara and several other members of Miami Metro Homicide raided the house of one of Guerrero's Lieutenants (resulting in a vicious assault on the Lieutenant), Doakes was singled out as being responsible due to his earlier transgression. Eventually however, despite being turned into bait after he was constantly being followed by Guerrero's men, Carlos was arrested to justice after being caught attempting to kill Doakes in a parking garage.

It is unknown what happened to Rose (or her father) after Carlos Guerrero's arrest. It is likely she still remains with the church.