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Ron Galuzzo was a Character introduced in the Season Eight of DEXTER. He was a cannibalistic killer suspected of being The Brain Surgeon by Dexter and Evelyn Vogel.


Prior to the series, he was treated by Evelyn Vogel, whom he tricked into believing that a school bully had killed a friend of his. In reality, he had killed him. Dexter initially believed Galuzzo to be The Brain Surgeon, so he began vetting him. Upon entering his house, he noticed that most of it was a mess, except for the kitchen. Dexter opened the fridge and found various organs and body parts and, upon finding a whole brain marinating in a plastic container filled with garlic sauce, he realized that Galuzzo wasn't the type of killer that The Brain Surgeon was. Even so, Dexter kidnapped and killed Galuzzo in his own kitchen, but not before telling him that he thinks that Galuzzo and himself are alike (due to the 'pain' that they've caused to others around themselves).


Galuzzo's death is not seen.

  • Two unknown victims (one was strangled, the other was butchered)


  • Galuzzo is the first and only cannibal featured in the series.
  • Ron Galuzzo is named after Rob Galluzzo, the producer/sound engineer for Dexter: Wrap Up; The official Dexter podcast for Showtime.
  • Ron Galuzzo is not the only cannibalistic antagonist of the franchise, Dexter faced a group of cannibals known as the Coven in Dexter is Delicious, a novel released prior to Season 8.
  • Galuzzo was the final "ritual" kill successfully carried out by Dexter.


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