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Rodion Meglin
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Konstantin Khabenskiy

Full Name
Rodion Meglin


Personal Status
Killer Profile
Number of Victims
Modus Operandi
Killing Method
Method of Disposal

Rodion Meglin is a main character in the Russian semi-remake of DEXTER, Method. He is portrayed by Russian actor Konstantin Khabenskiy. Rodion is Method's Dexter counterpart.

Unlike Dexter Morgan, Rodion Meglin is not a blood spatter pattern analyst, but a full-time investigator, who works for the Russian Police. Unknowingly to others he's also a serial killer himself, who was specially picked up by government officials to catch other serial killers. Because of the immense work which psychologists and policemen did with him while he was a child, he can easily hide his true nature and uses it to control and help some of the less dangerous criminally insane people out of killing and kill those who are more threatening to society.

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