Robert Ramos
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Pablo Soriano
First Appearance
An Inconvenient Lie
Last Appearance
Do You Take Dexter Morgan?
Full Name
Robert Ramos


Personal Status
Professional Status
Detective for Miami Metro Homicide

Detective Robert Ramos is a character in DEXTER. He is first mentioned by Tom Matthews during a callout to detectives and officers for Frank Lundy's Task Force. As one of the many detectives working in Miami Metro Homicide, he handles various cases and provides support where needed. Though rarely ever given a speaking role, he is the most mentioned background detective out of any other and is often sent out by Sergeant Angel Batista to handle certain tasks in the current big case.


Ramos is an older, Hispanic man likely hailing from Cuba that always wears a distinctive orange shirt (such as how Detective Soderquist is almost always wearing purple, except on a few exceptions) with brown dress pants. He has short, black hair and brown eyes.


Ramos can be pretty much described as a regular guy working as a homicide detective. He assists in cases where he's needed but also enjoys nights out with his friends such as Angel Batista and Vince Masuka, along with other detectives from the department. He even joins the bowling team Bowl Till You Bleed and like many of the other guys in the department, has a "interest" in Lila West. He appears to be dependable enough as well being considered for the Special Task Force and is likely one of their most successful Detectives.


  • While Ramos appears primarily within Seasons Two and Three, he is not seen from Season Four onwards. The character himself still exists within the department, as the eleventh episode of Season Four lists his name on one of the case boards. It is likely Detective Yale replaced Ramos as he has been featured in just about every episode since Season Three. It is likely that the actor for Ramos, Pablo Soriano, could no longer work on the show (for unspecified reasons) so while his character exists in the universe as alive, he cannot be shown.