River Jordan Camp

River Jordan Camp for Boys and Girls was a campground for the youth located in Miami Florida. The address given in the series is 1530 Muralia Road, Miami, Florida is not a real address nor street in Miami. The Camp went bankrupt about twenty years ago and the property was left for sale. It was later purchased by Eugene Greer, more known as Jordan Chase, to be used as headquarters for The Group.

The Group Room


The Camp served three uses in the Dexter series.

"The Group" aka "The Barrel Girl Gang"

The Group, a group of five men who would rape and kill young blonde women, used this camp as a headquarters. Their leader, Jordan Chase, had purchased the place most likely because their first acts towards a victim (Emily Birch), who is still alive prior to its introduction, happened here. They used the basement of the main building to do their sinful acts while recording them on DVDs. This is confirmed when Joey Quinn discovered the tapes in Cole Harmon's home. All the tapes were recorded in this same location.

Jordan's Demise

Jordan Chase was murdered here by Lumen Pierce. After Jordan kidnapped Lumen and brought her here, he tricked Dexter into coming to the camp. On Jordan's way into the camp, he noticed an excavator in the driveway. While Lumen was tied up in the basement, he moved the bucket of the excavator to hang out into the road a little. When Dexter drove in at an alarming speed, he hit the bucket and flipped his car. Jordan took him prisoner and tied his arms behind his back.

Jordan then pushed Dexter down the stairs into the basement where Lumen was tied up. While Jordan was admiring the knife kit that Dexter brought with him, Dexter pulled a hidden knife out and stabbed Jordan's foot, securing it to the floor. Dexter quickly silenced him by choking him. He then freed Lumen. Jordan woke up strapped to a table in a plastic covered room in the back of the basement.

A Camp for Boys and Girls

The sign for the Camp makes it appear to be a Youth Group Camp, probably provided by many Churches, to be used as a place for boys and girls to attend during the summer to experience summer fun. Eugene Greer, Boyd Fowler, Dan Mendell, Cole Harmon, and Alex Tilden all attended the camp together as teenagers. Presumably, this is how they met for they all had lived in different parts of the country, except Eugene and Dan who were friends as kids.

While attending the camp, they met Emily Birch who was a counselor in training. She was their first victim there and the only one to live from their attacks.