Rita's Neighbor
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Erin Daniels
First Appearance
Let's Give the Boy a Hand
Last Appearance
Let's Give the Boy a Hand
Appears in
1 episode

Personal Status

Rita's Neighbor is an unnamed Character in DEXTER. She appears to be a business woman, often seen in pressed suits with a stern yet mocking smile that lives on the right side of Rita's house. She was originally with someone but her ex-boyfriend or husband left her, in the process leaving behind his dog Walter (or so she claims). The neighbor kept the dog outside constantly, ignoring it as it barked to bet let in or loved...

The dog's barking caused problems for Rita Bennett, who lived right next door and her children Cody and Astor. Rita's boyfriend Dexter Morgan went next door to try and convince the lady to take the dog inside in a nice, casual way but she responded crudely with a mocking expression by stating that earplugs worked for her, so why not try them. Rita herself tried to convince the lady, being a little more emotional about the situation but this still did not get the neighbor to budge from her position, who was simply amused by Rita's behavior.

Rita, fed up with how the dog was being treated, eventually "kidnapped" the dog... freeing it from the backyard and she drove it in her convertible to find a new home (Dexter probably gave her this idea). She had recently told Yelina about the situation, who said she had two nieces that would love the puppy and that's where Rita brought the beagle. The dog was overjoyed to have people love and care for it, while back at his former house the neighbor acted enraged to find the dog missing.

It's unknown if she moved or just does not appear for the remainder of the first 4 seasons. It may be possible that Elliott Larson moved into the house she used to reside in.


  • Despite her cruel treatment of the dog, as soon as it goes missing she throws a fit of rage. It's likely she felt that the puppy was her "item" rather than a companion and when her "stuff" goes missing, it annoys her.