Character Profile
Portrayed By
Tom Schanley
First Appearance
Popping Cherry
Last Appearance
Popping Cherry
Appears in
one episode
Full Name

Alive (presumed)

Personal Status
Professional Status
Drug Dealer

Ricky is a Character on DEXTER. He's a drug dealing "associate" of Paul Bennett who shows up wanting his dues from his ex-wife, Rita Bennett. He risks his neck facing Dexter Morgan but never even realizes it.


Ricky is shown to be a man in his mid-30's with light brown, curly hair and a bit of facial hair lining his face. He has a very distinct shape to his face, that allows for a rather sinister looking grin when topped off with facial hair. He wears a black, leather jacket overtop of a white undershirt with several necklaces hanging from his neck. He also wears tight blue jeans with a belt and oversized buckle. It's unknown what kind of shoes he was wearing, may have been boots or average sneakers.


Fake. He comes up with a very cheery attitude, clearly masking his true intentions of either getting his money or something the equivalent of that. He even has a violent streak to him, though he doesn't act on it (which probably would have lead Dexter to demolishing this guy, breaking a few bones) and is more bark than bite for all of his words.


Since her husband Paul was such a drug addict, of course he would have met with a few dealers in his time and unfortunately for her, one of these dealers finds his way to her house to try and get his share. Ricky walks up acting cheery, but Rita instantly realizes who this guy is and goes to watch over her children. Ricky starts off talking "nice" about Paul owing him for two ounces of blow but then gets to business, throwing out some threats and eventually wanting to take her car. Dexter opposes to it but Rita tells him to hold off and she goes to get the keys...while the two face each other off outside. Dexter, standing tall and firm watches him closely...yet the two do not fight (unfortunate, as Rita loses her car because of this and Dexter could have possibly added another person to his bloodslide collection...depending if Ricky was a murderer) and eventually Rita throws the keys at Ricky, who picks them up and takes his leave in the car.

Ricky is mostly meant to show Rita's past and especially with her ex-husband/crackhead Paul Bennett. Ricky does not return for any episodes thereafter and it is unknown what happened to Rita's car...