Dr. Richard Vogel is a Character on DEXTER. He is the late husband of Dr. Evelyn Vogel and the father of two boys, Daniel and Richard Vogel Jr.. He passed away at some unknown point in time, prior to or during the series, but he was aware of his oldest son's psychopathic tendencies (revealed to both parents when they found their youngest son dead, at the bottom of their pool killed by Daniel). He and his wife committed Daniel to a psychiatric hospital in England at the age of 14, only for him to seemingly perish in a fire 3 years later that killed 7 other children. Richard himself apparently pulled the boy's body from the ashes, believing the corpse to be his son's.

Unknown to his father however, Daniel was very much alive and continued on to eventually become a serial killer by the name of The Brain Surgeon, using the alias Oliver Saxon for himself when the latter arrived in Miami.


Richard's name is likely a reference to Dr. Richard Vogel in 'The Sopranos', the psychiatrist of Anthony Jr.